Chronamut – Evolution: Remastered Vol. 1 (Review)

Chronamut - Evolution: Remastered Vol. 1

Check out this music review of the album, ‘Evolution: Remastered Vol. 1’ by Chronamut

Chronamut has just released a new full-length album “Evolution: Remastered Vol. 1”.

The first track on the album opens with “Heaves Above Us” (featuring. ParagonX9). This instrumental intro features a completely immersive soundscape.

This arrangement captures your attention from the very first moment. The upbeat composition gives a strong start to the album, and the artist keeps up the energy from start to finish.

“From a Distant Gaze” (featuring F-777) is one of the highlights on the album. The track kicks off with an expressive and poignant piano solo. The arrangement gradually builds, with ever-increasing textural layers.

The song is deeply emotional and the melody explores a story without the need for any lyrics or vocals. In this track, Chronamut perfectly blends acoustic and electronic instrumentals. This makes this track a truly modern composition.

The last track “Rip Em Up” is the perfect end to this epic album. This song definitely leaves the listener on an energetic high!

The vintage synth sounds recall the likes of film composer John Carpenter and electronic legends Daft Punk. The driving momentum of the rhythm line and multi-layered instrumentals make this one of the most sophisticated songs on the album.

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