Cherry-Ilex – Love Me (Review)

Cherry-Ilex is set to release his new track: Love Me

November 2021 – Cherry-llex is no stranger to releasing energetic, melodic, and catchy music with a distinctive personality. The artist’s upcoming single, “Love Me,” is yet another amazing example of what he can accomplish, bringing yet another layer of power and vision to his sound. This is a mesmerizing acoustic sound with a bit of an R&B flow to it. The artist’s vocals might remind you of singers such as Adam Devine, as well as Ben Howard and John Mayer, while the guitar parts are soothing and beautifully hypnotic, giving the audience a calming, yet expressive and dynamic music. In addition to the minimalistic, yet rich sound of the guitar and vocals, the song is also adorned with a cinematic string arrangement, which serves as a very smooth ambient pad at times, giving the song even more texture.

Love Me is a stunning example of Cherry-llex’s evolution as an artist, and it is highly recommended if you do enjoy the sound of performers such as

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