Cherry-Ilex – Gold (Review)


COMING SOON the new release: “Gold” By Cherry-Ilex

March 2022 – Cherry-Ilex is an artist who makes music inspired by a wide range of pop influences. Cherry-Ilex is always able to build a unique sound that isn’t exactly easy to categorize, yet remains innately catchy and easy to relate to for listeners of all walks of life and backgrounds.

The artist’s most upcomnig  release, “Gold”, is a masterful example of an artist who isn’t afraid to think outside the box. Cherry-Ilex kicks off the song with an enticing introduction, and it all falls into place from there, allowing the artist to paint a broad picture with sounds, melodic ideas, and ultimately, lyrics that tell a story.

Fans of artists like John Legend, Stevie Wonder, and Francis Moon are most definitely going to appreciate Cherry-Ilex’s artistry on this release. “Gold” serves as an awesome introduction to the artist’s sound, and it is highly recommended to any pop fan looking for something different.

Find out more about Cherry-Ilex and do not miss out on “Gold”, which will be out soon