Chapell – Soul Man EP (Music Review)

Chapell – Soul Man EP (Music Review) - ArtistRack

Chapell’s highly anticipated EP ‘Soul Man’ has officially hit the marketplace and has been generating a positively receptive buzz within the independent music community. The mixture of acoustic sound with the crunchy lofi distortion layers in a phased ensemble of musical sophistication that reveres this band as a leading contender in the erudite genre of innovation.

The elongated string sections of the music ease into each composition with a sense of precision that gently nourishes the rougher edges contained on the extended play. The vocals were engineered magnificently as they shine overtop the singles with an aura of elegance that is truly beautiful and unique in relation to the other songwriting intricacies. The strumming aspects of the music hit in a syncopated fluency with percussion that maneuvers a saturated – gritty sound full of dynamic frequencies.

The beautiful ambience and melodies within the synthesized instrumentation contains a flagellated sound that wisps between each headphone in a premeditated manner that initially sounds improvised, at first glance. The engaging energetic nature of this music holds a fundamental specificity and value that the music industry is in dire need of in order to expand upon the creative consciousness of truly talented bands/musicians.

In summation, this music transcends into the eternal archetypal continuum of music that can be enjoyed by all generations reinforcing the global renaissance of cognizant sound.