Big V – Hunger Over Humble Mixtape (Review)

Big V - Hunger Over Humble Mixtape (Review)

Check out this Music Review of new mixtape: “Hunger Over Humble” from artist Big V

Some of the best rap music out there is not just defined by great beats and massive amounts of low end: the lyrics also matter a whole lot. When it comes to crafting unique wordplay, rap artist Big V is a true master, and his most recent mixtape, “Hunger Over Humble” is a phenomenal showcase of lyrical talent, combined with a penchant for memorable melodies and groundbreaking arrangements.

One of the most interesting things about “Hunger over Humble” is definitely the way Big V is able to go back to the gritty, punchy and warm sound of old school rap, but still retain a crisp modern age. If you enjoy albums such as “To Pimp A Butterfly” (from Kendrick Lamar” or literally anything by A Tribe Called Quest or Biggie Smalls, you are certainly going to enjoy this release. The sound of the production is just as vibrant and witty as the lyrical content, and the whole vibe fueling this mixtape really hits the mark.

You can listen to “Hunger Over Humble” by Big V here


When many first hear Big V they gain respect for a real artist full of stories and raw attitude through his lyrics. His ways of utilizing the beats are gritty and considered to be real hip hop spoken through real experience. Born Savares King in Kinston, NC, “Big V” is the complete package full of humbleness and talent. To top it off, he is a complete business minded man, artist, father and husband. You might actually be surprised to see what is in store. He not only raps, he designs his own graphics and has his own successful clothing line, which he started in 2010 called “Skyzone .Society”.