ArtistRack Reviews Tommy Francisco’s single Silence

ArtistRack Reviews Tommy Francisco’s single Silence:

The down tempo boldness of this track is configured with precision and truly demonstrates Francisco’s unique ability to consolidate the composition into a full-fledged story where each conceptualization runs through one another with a sense of seamless fluidity. There is a passionate fortitude that is both gentle and assertive in relation to the components within the composition. The third world vivid instrumentation sets the undertone of the entire track and provides an arpeggiated execution of intricate soundscapes encapsulated with pristine production. Likewise, this dynamic musicianship builds as the track duration matures into an assortment of impressive faculties consolidated into a uniform, timeless piece of music. The smooth R&B subtleties differentiate themselves from other genres as there is a sense of genuineness that cannot simply be categorized or reduced to a distinct genre – This further displays his professional status as a pioneering musician in despairing artisan times. The emotive fluctuation of energy provides a variable unpredictability that is uncommon in today’s music and is reinforced with a sense of novelty that music heads will appreciate. Francisco’s melodic vocals transcend a divine reality and serves as another instrument within the collective mix in the song. The power embedded within the vocal harmonies resonate towards an authentic source of musical innovation that can be applied to all groups of music without missing a beat. The production quality gives the single a sense of fullness with detailed arrangements that display his transient ability as a cutting-edge songwriter. The song was carefully thought out and the amount of passion put into the song surfaces through the harmony itself without the bells and whistles that other artists tend to hide behind. There is an element of realness when an artist emits vulnerability on a personal track that really resonates with music heads on a collective level – This should be both appreciated and respected.

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Tommy Francisco is a Singer/Songwriter born and raised in Austin, Texas. Tommy was raised in the inner city of Austin and has overcome a slew of trials and tribulations on his journey of becoming a recording artist. At the age of 3, Tommy’s biological father was murdered which left him to be raised by his then, single mother. During that time, Tommy had a keen interest in music. Though he received a football scholarship, Tommy ultimately turned it down to pursue his true passion, music. Tommy’s music displays all the characteristics of his upbringing. With his soulful voice,urban flair, and Austin influence, Tommy embodies a sound that has yet been seen on the Austin music scene. Tommy describes his music style as “Versatile, storytelling, easy to understand and relating to the everyday human.”