ArtistRack Reviews Sick.Life’s single Run It Up

The horrorcore hip hop tone on this single expounds upon the rap culture the fortified the entire movement throughout the 90’s. The melancholic church bells gives the track a tantric sound that Sick Life shreds to pieces with his relentless rap rhymes. The unfiltered realist mentality embedded within the songwriting paints a distinct image of the street-life saga. The ghastly choral features provide a layering characteristic that further reinforces the vision of this artist in relation to the overall mix. The fluctuations of flow patterns between each artist switches up the swift energy levels moving intrinsically throughout the soulful body of the song. The bass swells move graciously under the instrumental and shape shift with precision as the duration oscillates between complicated production constituencies. The lush piano has a touch of lofi that bit crushes the reverberated aspects giving it a vinyl tone that supersedes the lyricism riding beneath. The ambiance of ‘Run It Up’ brings hip hop back to its fundamentals without flashy features but pound-for-pound authentic rap bars that surface at the forefront of a flailing music industry trying to keep up. This radical rap will raise music to a higher standard in which hip hop artists will be forced to compete with professional musicians such as Sick Life, that put in true dedication, talent, and persistence into their music.

You can listen to Sick.Life – Run It Up here: