ArtistRack Reviews ‘Princess Of Persia’ by Archangel

ArtistRack Reviews 'Princess Of Persia' by Archangel

Princess of Persia by Archangel braces a powerful performance on all fronts through the utilization of symphonic rock music embedded with multiple genre aptitudes. The plate reverbs slapped onto the mix provides an extremely wide sound that swells up the single with resilience and unprecedented perspective.

The vocals possessed echoed harmonics that were time signature in an innovative fashion while executing in a modulated fashion. The distorted guitar solo surfaced a pristine interlude in relation to the remaining portions of the composition that was positioned in a relatively impressive manner.

Furthermore, the chord progressive slides were delivered in alignment with the melodic features on the track in an ingenious custom. The songwriting skill sets possessed by these artists display a deep understanding of music theory to establish dynamic music while simultaneously creating intricate lyricism to reinforce these conceptualizations.

Likewise, the cerebral wordplay reinforced a congruency between the visionary mindset of the primary vocals in contrast to the remarkable supporting melodies riding underneath. The ambience of the single puts this all embodying inclusive track into a psychedelic notion that is integral to the metaphysical components of Archangel’s intrinsic identity as a pioneering group in the independent music industry.

Prince of Persia will surface novel standards to the forefront of music being disseminated through the creation of unprecedented songwriting facets that will raise the standards of the entire genre’s collective efforts.


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Archangel are a symphonic rock group from Glasgow, Scotland. The band is made up of Peter Innes (lead vocal and keytar), Euan Walker (lead guitar and backing vocal), Dougie Frew (drums) and Stephen McLeary (bass guitar).

Named after the Russian port city, Archangel were born in 2001 and went on to play live from 2003. That year also saw the release of the band’s first album, Idiot Syncrasies. The follow-up True Colours EP was produced in 2005. The band’s long-awaited third album, Big In Estonia, was recorded in August 2014. Archangel’s latest offering, Princess Of Persia, was released in June 2016, when the band celebrated their fifteenth birthday.

Archangel’s sound has seen them compared to Queen, Simple Minds, Metallica, Manic Street Preachers, Marillion, The Boomtown Rats, The Doors, Billy Idol, Ultravox, Gary Newman, Runrig, Iron Maiden and Pink Floyd.