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ArtistRack Reviews ‘One Man Show’ by Alex Zink

Alex Zink has just released a revolutionary composition called “One Man Show” that he personally wrote and produced with pristine quality. The phasing synthesizers give this track an interesting touch of innovative musicianship with the distinct bass slaps setting the foundation for the elaborate lyricism. The back-and-forth panning effects provide a exceptional experience for the listener with fluctuating wideness that brings about intangible characteristics in the stereo image. The mechanical undertones of the vocals are doubled with an eerie style that establishes a luster that makes the librettos cut through the mix with ease and transcendence. The percussive breakdowns are unexpectedly dispersed throughout the musical piece and provides tempo variations that are both exciting and exhilarating. This is achieved through multifaceted delay patterns that execute variances to the overall song structure and performance patterns. The glitchy wet frequencies give “One Man Show” an extra avenue to cultivate immense magnitude without becoming too overstimulating. One Man Show appeals even to the electronic music audience as its genre is very much relatable in conception. Take a cavernous look at Alex Zink’s creative mind and dive deep into the brilliant world of his contemporary pop music.



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