ArtistRack Reviews Bradley J McDonald’s ‘Eye See’

ArtistRack Reviews Bradley J McDonald's 'Eye See'

Bradley J McDonald’s ‘Eye See’ Review:

Bradley J McDonald’s out of the box innovative performance artistry heightens the bar of musical possibilities on his newest full-fledged album “Eye See” consisting of 17 captivating tracks that will be sure to nourish your intuitive mind. The album art dives deep into the Eye of Horus with transcendental meaning intrinsically peppered throughout each song’s foundation.

The mixture of different genres is a notable ploy as he has cracked the enigma of establishing an authentic category congruent to his personal musicianship. His genuineness emits through the soundwaves as every note and lyric comes from a place of depth, elaborate experience and deeper understanding. He fortifies a multitude of cultural influences into his music that truly resonates on a divine level. Bradley’s ability to utilize a minimalist attitude through his music is a rare occurrence in contemporary music as he has mastered acoustic play in a novel and fresh fashion. The use of instrumentation is uniquely articulated as every piece of the composition holds a significant place communicating through a dimension of consolidated consciousness.

I was truly blown away by the intangible aspects of this album that push the envelope of true art that has been untapped in dire times. Take a listen to Bradley McDonald’s new LP and dive deep into the existential reality of music that he has put forth on this timeless album.

You can listen to Eye See by Bradley J McDonald here:



Bradley is a Canadian musician that goes out of the universe to write his music. He comes back to earth so he can get people on his wavelength. A mixture of alternative rock, folk, grunge, and a touch of reggae makes his music one of a kind! Inspired to do something with his random songs after visiting Jamaica for a month and seeing the music culture. Realizing life is short and his first album “Eye See” was ready. Every reality has a way of artistic representation. His music shines light to his thoughts, experiences and culture he has experienced at home and abroad. Sometimes the truth is not what you want to hear, but Bradley makes it sound so beautiful. His songs are very lyrical and thought provoking, the first album was just his debut into the music world with only room to improve. Growing up around musicians it has turned into his biggest passion in life and takes it as a serious way to send a message through or just express yourself as a human being! Listen to his truths and you decide if he’s out of this world…Or just a beautiful mind!