Introducing ‘Real Litty’

Real Litty is a hip-hop artist based in Jacksonville, Florida. The artist was born in 1988 (legal name Ellis Lamont Holloman), and he has been passionate about hip-hop ever since he was quite young. Currently, he has a deal with Roovet Records, and he is actually the second artist to be signed to this label, which happens to be owned by Tony James Nelson II, who immediately recognized Real Litty’s talent.

His sound is upfront and punchy channeling a southern vibe to it, but also bringing a world-class modern rap tone to the table.

This combination of timeless and classic tones in his music is truly spot-on, and fans of artists such as Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane and Joey Bada$$ should most definitely connect with Real Litty’s unique’s vibes. His sound captures the warmth of the old-school, but also the energy of the modern scene.

Find out more about Real Litty, and do not miss out on his music. Currently, the artist is also busy working on a new banger named “Sex Drive for The Ladies,” which is going to be released in the near future, marking yet another fantastic chapter in Real Litty’s fast-track to success.








Ellis Lamont Holloman (born July 04, 1988), known professionally as Real Litty (also known as Bagfiend Litty), is an American rapper currently signed to Roovet Records. Tony James Nelson II signed Real Litty in Early January 2022 as the second artist to come to the newly founded label Roovet Records. This came shortly after signing Respekt Ova just 2 days earlier. Since Real Litty has signed with Roovet Records he has released 3 songs Can’t Sleep was the first song released under Roovet Records. It will soon be followed by How We Live and Survival of The Fittest which was both produced by Pro Viib Inc. located in New York.

Florida, but he also lived with his father in Hawaii for some of his life. But he was born and raised and remains currently in Jacksonville Florida and the first label he has been signed too is Roovet Records. Along side Tribal Young Brown, Young Montana Mafia and Dopeboy Cot. Real Litty is a fast rising star he’s currently working on a song called sex drive for the ladies.