Alison Fleming – Heart Dance (Review)

Alison Fleming - Heart Dance (Review)

Check out this Review of ‘Heart Dance’ the single by Alison Fleming

A unique combination of honest songwriting and great beats

Alison Fleming has been making headlines with her stunningly personal sound, and ability to combine genuine singer/songwriter vibes with the lush appeal of electronic dance music. Recently, Alison set out to release an album titled “Freeway – The Remixes.” As the titled might imply, the release features a collection of remixes featuring Alison’s amazing music. One of the songs featured within this release is a track titled “Heart Dance.”

Throughout the span of nearly 5 minutes, the track unleashes a deep and powerful beat with a really striking flow and a very special take on combining cool beats with amazing vocals. Alison’s singing is very intriguing, because her style is personal and energetic in equal doses, allowing her insightful wit and charming songwriting skills to merge deep within the mix and blend in with the melodies and the grooves in a very natural way. Heart Dance is a song that tick all the right boxes, and it really has all you would ever want from a great track in this genre. It is fun, upbeat and direct, but also emotional, intense and real.

Find out more about Alison Fleming, and stay tuned to listen to “Heart Dance” and many other amazing releases from this talented artist.

You can listen to ‘Heart Dance’ by Alison Fleming here:


Heart Dance has a crowd-pick Spotlight on Reverbnation for the week starting 28th August. A ‘lighter’ (initial) mix of this song featured on online music game ‘Rockstar Rising’, out of Australia.

Alison Fleming is an English songwriter-vocalist, originally from Bramham, Yorkshire (home to iconic Leeds Festival) – now living in the United States. She has written hundreds of songs both solo and in collaboration. Musical colleagues have commented on her ‘clear-water’ vocals. Her solo music is a fusion of genres – experimental pop, rock, folk, blues and electronic. Sometimes viewed as one-of-a-kind and with a dynamic vocal approach, comparisons include Annie Lennox, Kate Bush, Edie Brickell, Carly Simon, Sade, Enya, Evanescence and – on the electronic side – Bjork, Daft Punk, and Massive Attack.

Current releases are three solo albums, variations of ‘Freeway’, produced and mastered by Paul Baggott (UK)

Co-written albums with well-known UK Composer, Producer, Guitarist Tony Lowe made the lists of the music industry’s GRAMMY® Awards – album ‘All of the Above’ in 2007 in eight categories including Album of the Year, Best rock song for ‘Fires keep burning’ and Song of the year for ‘Blue like the sky’; and album ‘Second Nature’ in 2008 in six categories. Alison signed to the artist roster of Tony Lowe’s associated independent record label Sunn Creative (headed by MD Cheryl Stringall) for their third co-write ‘Human Sleeping’ released July 2014. More recently she has credits for lyrical and vocal input on Tony Lowe & Mark Brzezicki’s symphonic progressive rock album ESP – ‘Invisible Din’, released November 2016.

Alison is working on new material out of her studio in SW Missouri. Info and updates at her Website.