Aleo Barquin – Health Pack Volume Numero 1 (Review)

Aleo Barquin - Health Pack Volume Numero 1 (Review)

Aleo Barquin has just dropped a hip hop banger by the name of ‘Health Pack Volume Numero 1’ that has reserved him a spot on the up-and-coming independent rap roster.

The samples on this album are creatively constructed to manifest a novel piece of music that is indistinguishable from the original artist’s song while simultaneously increasing its value. The amalgam of multiple production approaches reinforces a versatile subset of open-mindedness needed to keep each song fresh while preventing repetitiveness that other rappers fall victim to.

This displays the intrinsic abilities of this artist to provide value to the recording performance with intricate remixed portions of music envisioned through his energetic and uncontended style. This energy conveys optimistic intentions that enable him to push his image further within the confines of his creative capacity in the rap genre.

The bars hit relentlessly throughout each track with a sense of purpose that is simply unprecedented – the wordplay was warped in a manner that transcended the traditional forms of MCing that contemporary artists are resonating. Furthermore, Barquin’s ingenious skillsets display cerebral rap rhymes delivered through the portals of dynamic benevolence and pristine fortitude.

The conscious lyricism is an apparent factor in Barquin’s music that he doesn’t take for granted and sets high expectations towards within each composition – His fans are confident that he will carry this momentum into future projects to take him to a higher pedestal of inspired potential.


You can listen to ‘Health Pack Volume Numero 1’ by Aleo Barquin here: