ADMiT – Heartbreaker (Review)

ADMiT - Heartbreaker

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Heartbreaker ‘ released by ADMiT

ADMiT has just released their brand new pop single “Heartbreaker”.

This is the fourth track from the UK based band. The lead, Andrew Muir was a Britain’s Got Talent finalist. The instrumental backing has been created by ni-x, a talented multi-instrumentalist producer. The track was mastered by EdWoods and GZ.

“Heartbreaker” is a passionate ballad that tells the story about a difficult and complex relationship. It’s about a person who falls in love with a girl who is just stringing him along and using him. Even though the theme is full of pain and longing the single is still upbeat and uplifting. This contrast between the subject of the song and the composition is what makes this such an electric release!

This new track features a stunning melodic quality that is catchy and has a driving momentum. The lyrical composition is memorable and relatable. Creative and expressive lyrics such as “you’re getting over me” and “you’re heartbreaking me” echo in the listeners mind long after the track has finished.

This single is reminiscent of iconic vocalists such as Jason Mraz, John Mayer, and James Morrison, to mention but a few. These artists all have one thing in common with ADMiT, they are able to express something intimate and unique with a charged authenticity and catchy pop over tones.

Follow the link below to listen to “Heartbreaker” and to find out more about ADMiT!