A. G. K. – TDFFT Track 7 (Review)

Check out ArtistRack’s Review of ‘TDFFT Track 7’ by A.G.K.

A.G.K. is a truly forward-thinking hip-hop artist, and his music is extremely diverse, borrowing from a wide variety of influences. Unlike many other artists in the genre, A.G.K. is able to make music that isn’t just one-sided: he borrows from various styles, ranging from the grit and punch of old school hip-hop, to the raw energy of trap and the forward-thinking feel of modern hip-hop. If you want to get a really good taste of his eclectic sound, you definitely should listen to his most recent release, “TDFFT Track 7.”

This remarkable project is a great showcase of talent, demonstrating the rapper’s unique flow and ability to create songs that really blur the lines between different concepts and ideas. As an artist, A.G.K. refuses to get stuck in a simple category, and he loves to really branch out and express himself through his tracks. “TDFFT Track 7” is full of energy and it is an impactful production with a powerful mix.

The bottom end is as punchy and deep as you would expect from the best songs in this genre, while the top end really brings a lot of extra clarity to this song. One of the most impressive things about this release is certainly the stunning production value, which certainly contributes to the strong and exciting character of this release. This is certainly a fantastic anticipation of what’s about to come!