A. G. K. – Paramnesia (Review)

A. G. K. - Paramnesia (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, Paramnesia’ released by A. G. K

 A.G.K has just released his brand new hip-hop single “Paramnesia”, an eclectic and creative song that is making waves in the music scene.

The track kicks off with an atmospheric vocal arrangement that immediately draws the listener in. This vivid opening recalls Tyler, the Creator’s new innovative record “Igor”. The artist brings that same experimental approach that creates distinctive and memorable music.

The beats in this number give the composition a driving momentum that keeps the listener hooked for the almost 4-minute song. A.G.K sweeps up the listener into his world with his lyrics, and he’ll have you pressing repeat as soon as the ride is over.

The rapid and expressive lyrical flow is reminiscent of the likes of Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Drake to mention but a few rappers. His silver tongue rapidly darts over complicated wordplay, leaving you in awe of his skill and talent.

A.G. K is also able to seamlessly blur the lines between old-school hip-hop and modern rap. His attention to storytelling evoke East-Coast rap, yet his direct lyrics are definitely contemporary.

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