A.G.K – 500 Fenchurch (Review)

A.G.K - 500 Fenchurch (Review)
[MUSIC REVIEW] A.G.K is back on the scene with a brand new single release: 500 Fenchurch

October 2020 – A.G.K is a hip-hop artist who recently came out with a brand new studio single called 500 Fenchurch. This song is very energetic and it combines old-school influences with a crisp modern sound. The song has a very minimalistic introduction, with only an acoustic guitar and vocals. The soothing feel of the guitar chords add a more organic texture to the arrangement, and it serves as a really good introduction for what’s about to come next.

The song retains a very minimalistic attitude, without an aggressive beat coming in right after the intro, but rather still using the acoustic guitar in a more rhythmic way. This creates a really cool and unique atmosphere, and it almost makes the audience feel as if they were sitting in a room listening to the artist play for them. Produced by JustAcoustic, the beat has an interesting and one-of-a-kind vibe And it really works with the personality of this artist.

Find out more about James and do not miss out on 500 Fenchurch, which is available on the web.