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Glass Mansions – Matches

"Matches is about taking a good thing and running it out of one's own selfishness. I paralleled the lyrics about someone I knew that...
All Atomic - Atomic Moon Dance

All Atomic – Atomic Moon Dance

All Atomic - Atomic Moon Dance: A track for those who like their music spacey, an ideal opportunity to experience an astral projection with...
Robert Holmes - Champion

Robert Holmes – Champion

New upcoming Gospel/Christian artist by the name of Robert Holmes showcases to us his amazing style via his new single 'Champion'
Wai Lanavideo

Wai Lana – Alive Forever

Wai Lana - Alive Forever:It’s very likely that you recognize Wai Lana as an author, a spiritual guide, a TV star, an inspirational leader,...
Julia Kahn Musicvideo

Julia Kahn Music – Alice

Julia Kahn Music - Alice: Julia Kahn Music is an Indianapolis-based band that cranks out catchy, bluesy, pop songs laced with Julia’s edgy, heartfelt...
Rod Melanconvideo

Rod Melancon – Lights of Carencro

Rod Melancon - Lights of Carencro: It is the mark of great artists to build on past work rather than cover old ground. This...
The Dead Daisiesvideo

The Dead Daisies – Long Way To Go

The Dead Daisies - Long Way To Go: If modern bands have started to feel too safe and too smooth, we’ve got good news...
Keith Harkin (1)video

Keith Harkin – Risk the Fall

Keith Harkin - Risk the Fall: On the last go-round, Irish singer/songwriter Keith Harkin brought down the house with his rambunctious video for “Mercy,”...
gabi sklarvideo

Gabi Sklar – LA Changes You

Gabi Sklar - LA Changes You: 16-year-old Long Island, NY native Gabi Sklar was fueled at a very young age by a desire to...
Sammy Frank - Going Up

Sammy Frank – Going Up

My new single 'Going Up' is here to turn up your summer! Nothing but fun, positive vibes to keep everything going up!