Julia Kahn Music – Alice

Julia Kahn Music – Alice: Julia Kahn Music is an Indianapolis-based band that cranks out catchy, bluesy, pop songs laced with Julia’s edgy, heartfelt vocals. Balancing an often crazy schedule of being full-time students, gigging, and recording, the band still makes time to collaborate and write on a consistent basis. This tight-knit crew – Danny Steinmetz (Bass/Guitar), Vinny Corsaro (Guitar/Keys), Zane Turi (Drums) and Julia Kahn (Vocals) – have all performed together since high school and it shows in their bond on stage and off. In the brand new video for “Alice,” their cohesive mindset culminates in the most glorious of fashions.
They’ve made big waves in the Indianapolis scene, and are now ready to go international. With the new EP Closet Symphonium and single “Alice,” they’ve delivered a dynamic vision that incorporates key elements of folk, rock, and pop and make it their own. Of course, there’s a long list of artists claiming the same thing, so we believe the best thing to do is let the music video do the talking.