Wai Lana – Alive Forever

Wai Lana – Alive Forever:
It’s very likely that you recognize Wai Lana as an author, a spiritual guide, a TV star, an inspirational leader, a nutritionist, or a spokesperson for cultural exchange and the wisdom of healthy lifestyles. But Wai Lana — one of the world’s most famous yoga teachers and the creator of the longest-running fitness series in the history of public television — is also an accomplished singer, songwriter, and filmmaker.  Last year, she released a video for “Namaste,” an original song, in time to entertain and enlighten listeners on International Yoga Day. Since July 21, 2015, the “Namaste” clip has been viewed millions of times on YouTube. Encouraged by this warm reception, Wai Lana has done it again. “Alive Forever,” her latest composition and short film, is a meditation on the inevitability of aging and the immortality of the soul. This relaxing, uplifting, and beautifully-shot clip is more than just a cinematic expression of the power of yoga — it’s a winning, compulsively watchable music video than could fit in on any eclectic playlist.