Glass Mansions – Matches

“Matches is about taking a good thing and running it out of one’s own selfishness. I paralleled the lyrics about someone I knew that ran threw lovers as easily as a book of matchsticks. When making the video for matches, I wanted to use strong visuals of disturbing the space and ultimately destroying several pieces of still life. The image of the couple kissing is meant to be uncomfortable, the lyrics “Did you get what you needed?” are written on pages I tore from Kate Chopin’s The Awaking – There are some very special editing details that I chose to do to help visually tell the story for the song. Plus, it was a lot of fun to make!” – Jayna Doyle, Vocalist

While the name may be new, the electropop quartet of vocalist Jayna Doyle, Keyboardist Blake Arambula, guitarist Patrick Beardsley and drummer Rodney Liles have been steadily winning over audiences across the country for the past 5 years. With 10+ tours under their belt, multiple appearances at festivals like SXSW, Warped Tour and Florida Music Festival, as well as a recently recorded Daytrotter session, the band has just debuted the music video for “Matches,” the first single from their upcoming release due out later this year.

With the kinetic “Matches,” Glass Mansions returned to the studio with Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (Mayday Parade, All Time Low, Cartel) who helmed the band’s 2013’s GOSSIP EP, and have combined the band’s signature pop flourishes with the darker, guitar-driven feel of the song — all while harnessing the energy the band’s live shows have come to be known for.

Of “Matches,” Texas Blog The Music Enthusiast says it’s “An invigorating one to listen to — and one would assume it’s a highlight at shows — this number feels like the beginning of a brand new band, one that’s extremely cohesive and hungry to try to make a splash on the national stage.”

That hunger is part of the DIY-spirit the band embraces, serving as their own management, booking agents, music video directors, late night PR Agents, and the most excited merch people you’ll see. In a world where record labels are taking less and less chances on acts, Glass Mansions is proving their worth, one sweaty fog and confetti-filled show at a time.

The bands 11th tour will begin in August, taking them to Texas and back and ending with a showcase at New Music Confab for industry professionals.


Tour Dates:
8/11 – Myrtle Beach, SC – Island Bar
8/12 – Columbia, SC – Art Bar
8/13 – Greenville, SC – Radio Room
8/14 – Nashville, TN – East Room
8/15 – Memphis, TN – Cove Bar
8/16 – St. Louis, MO – The Firebird
8/17 – Fayetteville, AR – Nomad’s
8/18 – Dallas, TX – Prophet Bar
8/19 – Austin, TX – Sidewinder
8/20 – Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s
8/21 – Lafayette, LA – Feed N’ Seed
8/22 – Mobile, AL – The Merry Widow
8/23 – Jacksonville, FL – Jack Rabbit’s
8/24 – Savannah, GA – The Wormhole
8/25-8/28 – Charleston, SC – New Music Confab