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Yvonne Marrs & Joshua Francis – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Double A Single:

Two songs to raise awareness of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
“Churn, Churn, Churn” is the attitude we, who have a chronic and/or invisible illness, must have. Sometimes our strength and self belief goes wayward, and Churn inspires us to rise again and battle on.
A study in vulnerable isolation with a hard shell.
“Of All The Things” is all about gratitude, thanking our carers, loved ones and supporters. Often, the lives of family and carers of sufferers are equally as hard – but this fact can be overlooked.
Lyrics – Yvonne Marrs
Music & Vocal – Joshua Francis
Strings & horns – arranged by Richard K Montgomery
Drums – arranged by Richard K Montgomery
Produced by Joshua Francis
To John & Sam
“Putting The Visible in So Called Invisible Illnesses” by Yvonne Marrs:…rds=Yvonne+Marrs


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