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Joshua Francis – Your Ghostwriter’s In The Sky

One quarter into a self-imposed sentence of 28 years for the murder of Mark Mulcahy in 2012. Repentance, penitence and reparations are the order...

Joshua Francis – Lay Off the Ley

Performed and produced by Joshua Francis Written by Joshua Francis & Chris Lambrianou With additional inspiration from Maureen Flanagan-Cox This record is to generate awareness of, and...

Joshua Francis – I Had To Come Home To Learn To...

It's awful out there. I know: The recollections of a prodigal son given seven years healing up time. Donated to the homelessness charity Shelter...

Joshua Francis – The Second Book Of Lambentations: Methuselah Youngman, Live...

The simple truth that dreams and fantasies, if only realised, can become tangible, offers us the luxury of concept albums. this album requires but...

Joshua Francis – The First Book of Lambentations

Joshua Francis presenting his new album, 'The First Book of Lambentations' Council of Scoundrels Productions, in association with Flame 1521 CCR, humbly offers Joshua Francis'...

Joshua Francis & Larry Magee – Southern Gothic

Joshua Francis & Larry Magee presenting their new album, 'Southern Gothic' This was a collaboration with Larry Magee in San Antonio, Texas and Andy Mackay...

Joshua Francis – Little Flower of St Francis

Joshua Francis proudly presents his latest single, 'Little Flower of St Francis' Isaiah said the wolf will dwell with the lamb. And indeed I do....

Joshua Francis – Darlins’, We’re All Judy Garland Now

Joshua Francis releases his single 'Darlins', We're All Judy Garland Now' (Written by Joshua Francis) We're nearly all depressed, medicated and heavily indoctrinated. Just like our...

Shentong Penny Wang with Joshua Francis – Oh, Mr. Minstrel

Check out this new single from Shentong Penny Wang along with Joshua Francis which is titled 'Oh, Mr. Minstrel' Oh, Mr. Minstrel was written and...

Joshua Francis – All Of Me

Check out the new album titled 'All Of Me' by Joshua Francis  Made in three days. This is a record (in the true sense of...


Rey.Ant. - My Girl

Rey.Ant. – My Girl

Rey.Ant. proudly presents his single: My Girl I'm an singer/songwriter from Washington, DC now in Norcross,Ga https://open.spotify.com/track/27ZuWgj4qERjNzel8OJsfn?si=9TEfLsvcQj6aKDS6_Kyp2A FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE
Critical Opinion, DIZZ-E - I Don't Think So

Critical Opinion, DIZZ-E – I Don’t Think So

"I Don't think So", is the first Single performed by DIZZ-E, one half of the duo Critical Opinion. The songs is about success and...
The Nomadic - Waiting

The Nomadic – Waiting

Official Music Video for the new single, 'Waiting' by The Nomadic Australian guitarist and singer/songwriter Robert Gaylard brings a unique perspective and vision when it...
Tammi Jean - Quarantine Flows

Tammi Jean – Quarantine Flows

Tammi Jean is back with a brand new studio release: Quarantine flow. May 2020 - Tammi Jean is a rap artist based out of Philadelphia,...
SHELLON - Moonlit Visions

SHELLON – Moonlit Visions

Check out the recent project from rap artist SHELLON entitled "Moonlit Visions" available on iTunes, Google Play, & Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/45LerdXjzu8OSfz6xDaUZQ?si=k3JFZQmaQqGkNk5Mwe0FKw PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM |...
Connor Pulse Streatfield - No Fear

Connor Pulse Streatfield – No Fear

Connor Pulse Streatfield presents his new single, 'No fear' Hi I'm 24 years old I'm a singersongwriter with autism and this track is a story...
Cife Man - Bigger Homie

Cife Man – Bigger Homie

Cife Man introducing brand new studio single “Bigger Homie,” featuring Bobby Stone. May 2020 - Cife Man is a rap artist hailing from Brooklyn, New...
Kim Tavar - Keep it Moving

Kim Tavar – Keep it Moving

New single by Kim Tavar titled, 'Keep it Moving' Know yourself worth! Life is too short to be wasted on a person that does not...
Rezentor - Relaxin'

Rezentor – Relaxin’

Rezentor proudly presents his new single release: Relaxin' Rezentor (Jose Medrano) is a rapper/songwriter that was born on October 3rd, 2004 in Cali Colombia. He...
B.O.O.M. Sgbh - DreamLike

B.O.O.M. Sgbh – DreamLike

B.O.O.M. Sgbh’s first release of 2020 “DreamLike” is a fun and upbeat song. It is available everywhere. Be on the lookout for B.O.O.M.’s upcoming...
Wednesday and July - I’m Just Trying to Make it Through the Night

Wednesday and July – I’m Just Trying to Make it Through the Night

Wednesday and July present their new song, 'I’m Just Trying to Make it Through the Night' Wednesday and July is back with a new EP,...


The new single ‘Like it was” from Goldzbrough was released on 15.05.20 through Inspirit Music Productions. A fresh British talent, Goldzbrough’s sound is rooted...

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