YCS Money- $lobs (Review)

YCS Money- $lobs (Review)
[MUSIC REVIEW] YCM Money presents: $lobs.

September 2020 – YCM Money is an artist and songwriter from Moravia, NY. He has a really distinctive upbringing, and he always grew up being the underdog, the class clown – the one kid always trying to entertain his friends and add more color to their daily routines. He developed a distinctive blend of comedy rap, and crafted a unique combination of songs and lyrics that would allow him to express himself. He went through some hard times after a car crash and a near-death experience, which compelled him to write some harder trap-inspired songs with more weight and grit.

His new song, $lobs, is really a great representation of the artist’s growth and varied style, and it stands out in terms of production and performance alike. This is a quintessential rap song, which combines modern aesthetics with a bit of an old-school feel, channeling a diverse and rewarding creative approach. This song is definitely recommended to any rap fan with a love for creativity and personality in music!

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