Whopper Benz – Men of Peace

Whopper Benz presenting the visuauls for, ‘Men of Peace’

Whopper Benz is a Gospel Reggae Artist from Bermuda who also sings about life issues and current affairs in his music. Whopper Benz always has a positive message in his music and is about encouraging others in a positive way. The rise in Crime on the Island of Bermuda has been getting out of control especially Gun violence in particular so Whopper Benz decided to create a video that encourages peace in a fun but also very serious way. The fun side in the video is heavily influenced by Whopper Benz’s love for Superhero comics however the message is a very real and serious message that is in no way a laughing matter. A breathe of fresh air is what the game needed, and a breathe of fresh air is what it received with his latest single and visual to “Men of Peace”.