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Dcrae ft Bata Nash – 7 Seconds

Check out the new single, '7 Seconds' released by Dcrae ft Bata Nash D'crae is a rapper in Australia Cairns QLD I Have A Gift and...

Aiesha – Burning House

Aiesha proudly presents her new single, 'Burning House' Reggae Royalty singer/ songwriter Aiesha. Daughter of reggae legend Aston Barrett of The Wailers Band. Aiesha is...

Revelashan – I Wanna See Love

Lyricist Reggie Maddox and Singer/Producer Revelashan just released a new single called "I Wanna See Love". With a true reggae vibe, this song beautifully expresses...

MSJR – Prophecies (Falling Down)

Prophecies is part of the new album in progress, "Kupanda Juu." by MSJR. MSJR believes in a world with unity and equality for ALL people....

Phedhemiz – What To Say

PheDheMiz proudly presents the Official Music Video for, 'What To Say' This is a licensed collaborated track with Beats by Mantra FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

Reggie Maddox & Revelashan – I Wanna See Love

Emerging Reggae artist, Revelashan and Reggie Maddox have collaborated once again on another great song. The single “I Wanna See Love” is available on...

Aiesha – Burning House

ArtistRack brings to you 'Burning House' by the talented Aiesha: Aiesha Barrett , known to her stage name Aiesha, is a Jamaican singer, songwriter and...

Bernard Hyppolite – American Dream

Bernard Hyppolite present the visuals for his new single, 'American Dream' The American perspective is truly personal from the eyes of an immigrant, and Bernard...

Gad – 254

Check out the new single,'254' released by Gad  For the love of my country Kenya FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

Jiggy Rich – Fill me up

Jiggy Rich releases new single, 'Fill me up' Introducing Jiggy Rich the hottest rapper alive and the most electric artist on the planet. Can be...


B hype Theverbal - WWYRD

B hype Theverbal – WWYRD

@twistagmg presents his hypeman B hype Theverbal's new single WWYRD https://open.spotify.com/track/3Y16q2ENbkGpjRG25ZgLsT   PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER
Twnty 13 - Deep Skyz

Twnty 13 – Deep Skyz

Twnty 13 presenting his latest album, 'Deep Skyz' Twnty 13 is an EDM collective out of Seattle Washington. The members comprise of Producer Evan Koessler...
B-Bless - Hourglass

B-Bless – Hourglass

B-Bless presents his single Hourglass off his album 'King of Hearts'. https://open.spotify.com/track/19Rbn81ayerfm11eH9766Y   FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
C.K.G. - Old To The New

C.K.G. – Old To The New

Ascap Plus L.A. Music award winner C.K.G. from Chicago drops his new EP entitled #ArtistWriterProducer. His single "Old To The New" is the lead off...
Andrew Rudy - Bus 2: Nowherevideo

Andrew Rudy – Bus 2: Nowhere

Bus 2: Nowhere is a pop rock song by independent artist Andrew Rudy. It is a song about feeling lost in your current situation in...
The Depth and the Whisper - Waiting for the World to End

The Depth and the Whisper – Waiting for the World to End

The Depth and the Whisper releases their new single titled, 'Waiting for the World to End' Have you ever been with someone that you knew...

Preetisha Marie – LAX

Check out the new single, 'LAX' released by Preetisha Marie  (Available now on all platforms ) LAX was expired by spiritual awakening and what I...
Calynn - Stay Tonight

Calynn – Stay Tonight

Calynn proudly presents her exciting new single, 'Stay Tonight' "Stay Tonight" is about new love and how scary and exciting it can be when you...
WVLNGTH - do me like that

WVLNGTH – do me like that

Check out the new single, 'do me like that' released by WVLNGTH   https://open.spotify.com/track/6YElmI9vb6U8KHpCouhSqV?si=Ur5uMNqwQlCIRC3os6cMVA FOLLOW ON: TWITTER
Followdv80 - L’s

Followdv80 – L’s

Check out my new single L’s off the upcoming EP Followdv80 This will be my first solo EP please check it out And remember Everybody got L’s if u...
Demon Sleepy - Demon Evil Trap

Demon Sleepy – Demon Evil Trap

Demon Sleepy presents his single titled, 'Demon Evil Trap' Hello, I am Demon Sleepy. Please tell me what you think about my song. FOLLOW ON: TWITTER |...
David Harmon - Never Got The Words Rightvideo

David Harmon – Never Got The Words Right

David Harmon presenting his single, 'Never Got The Words Right' This song speaks a part of my journey that many can relate too. I've been...

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