Twingaaang – Havin My Way

Twingaaang – Havin My Way:

Twingaang has dropped their newest music video to the hit single “Havin My Way” Twingaang is comprised of two artists, Dredhead and Iraq, both from Pensacola, Florida. The song is upbeat and has an original sound that is current with today’s main stream artists. The song speaks on all the ways both Dredhead and Iraq have put in the grind to the point where they can finally have it their way.

The video takes place in Atlanta, Georgia and features the artists surrounded by supporters, a beautiful model, and a breathtaking BMW I8. You will see enticing views of the Atlanta city line from the roof of a local building, shots of the hottest BMW on the market, and a little eye candy to tie it all together. If that is not enough, the music is just what you need to get up and dance, go on a long drive, or get your workout on in the gym. Don’t sleep on the hottest up and coming group coming up the pipeline because Twingaang got next! Check out the video now!!