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A.E.Charles – Get Up X Get It

A.E.Charles presenting the Official Music Video for, 'Get Up X Get It' This song is meant to inspire and motivate you to go after your...

Von Ba$$ – Mayday Mayday feat. Charly V

Von Ba$$ presenting the Official Music Video for, 'Mayday Mayday' featuring Charly V "She said you dealing with a villain, Mayday Mayday" 🎶 this track...

GJA Youngin’ – Shake

GJA Youngin' drops the Official Music Video for new single, 'Shake' Y'all should follow me on Instagram More great music will be out soon. It will...

T$ – All My Dogs

T$ proudly presenting the visuals for, 'All My Dogs' T$ representing Everett MA began his career 4 years ago has worked with a few prestigious...

Uji Moto – Do You Think About Me

Uji Moto presenting the visuals for new single, 'Do You Think About Me' This track explores the hurt of heartbreak. You loved the other person...

K$lla – Silly

K$lla presenting the visuals for his track, 'Silly'  This a song getting my shine on. I’m letting you know that everything I got is silly....

Queen Dej – Chips N Dip

Queen Dej presenting the visuals for, 'Chips N Dip' Filmed in Bogota Colombia FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE

Queen Dej – Majesty (Prod By BeatBusta)

'Majesty's is the second single from Queen Dej's second independent mixtape, 'MaVerick'. This video is a compilation of files filmed in Antigua and Barbuda...

CPTime – Playground

CPTime introduces the Official Music Video for his new single, 'Playground' CPTime is a clean hip hop/ rap independent artist from Pennsylvania. “Playground” is a...

Queen Dej – Rent Due

Check out the visuals for the single, 'Rent Due' by Queen Dej   Released 14/02/2019 FOLLOW ON:  FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE


Zoë Ferguson - Beg For Me

Zoë Ferguson – Beg For Me

ArtistRack premieres the amazing single titled 'Beg For Me' by the talented Zoë Ferguson 'Beg For Me' is Zoë Ferguson's third single. Zoë Ferguson is...
Skywalker DaVinci - ENERGY

Skywalker DaVinci – ENERGY

Skywalker DaVinci releasing new single, Energy Luke Skywalker and Leonardo DaVinci have two things in common; they’re badass! What happens if you bring them together?...


Member Of SUICIDE APE SINCE 2019 Single Made by 9D - ALIENZ. Prod/Beat by. @murvsaki x HippieDeviL Shot by.@lifeofyk FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM
Cantrel - Without Love

Cantrel – Without Love

Cantrel presenting the Official Music Video for, 'Without Love' Artist: Cantrel Song: Without Love Composer: Neil Breytenbach Producer: Neil Breytenbach Copyright: Cantrelmusic / Neil Breytenbach PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK |...
Kyngsolo - Insaine

Kyngsolo – Insaine

Presenting new song, 'Insaine' released by Kyngsolo Nothing is around me and I make something out of it. I dont stop and I sleep when...
And the Animal - A Witch's Nightmare

And the Animal – A Witch’s Nightmare

New track, 'A Witch's Nightmare' From the new EP Oxib' by And the Animal, this track with more industrial sounds and melodic vocals. https://open.spotify.com/track/0rZY5Z7jHGKIYafxkTdjsb?si=-mxvaqgJS_WEDsm-jhlj4A FOLLOW ON:...
The Kash Flowz - Do Not Try This At Home

The Kash Flowz – Do Not Try This At Home

The Kash Flowz are back with their exciting new release, 'Do Not Try This At Home' The Kash Flowz are the king of So-Fart Punk....
JD and the Critics - I'm So Ruined

JD and the Critics – I’m So Ruined

Presenting new song, 'I'm So Ruined' by JD and the Critics A new edgy rock and roll song by JD and the critics. https://open.spotify.com/track/3tUb42dDQJFub9qqu2qf1B?si=Ezq2cqOVQO68cfdVeACbUw FOLLOW ON: ...
And the Animal - Bright & Dark (Feat. Mike Harvey)

And the Animal – Bright & Dark (Feat. Mike Harvey)

House meets pop on this And the Animal track from their single Bright & Dark, featuring Mike Harvey who sings with Stevie Wonder and...
Shadow Transmitter - Safe

Shadow Transmitter – Safe

Shadow Transmitter is back with a new release titled, 'Safe'  Shadow Transmitter are a pair of writers with their trusty drummer exploring sounds and genres...
Saphira - Pray

Saphira – Pray

Official video for new single, 'Pray' by Saphira New Artist Saphira, R&B singer-songwriter from Southern California, releases new single “Pray”. Support the movement #Prayitup PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW...
Gol-Chain - My story, Pt.2

Gol-Chain – My story, Pt.2

Gol-Chain proudly presenting exciting new single, 'My story, Pt.2' A song about an insight on my story and how I had to overcome the things...

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