Tommy Jacket – ImmaTommyBoy

Tommy Jacket has just released a new release: ‘ImmaTommyBoy”.

January 2022 – Tommy Jacket is a hip-hop artist who recently unveiled a new studio work: ‘ImmaTommyBoy”. While many rappers fall in the usual categories and get stuck in their comfort zones, Tommy Jacket is the kind of artist who likes to bring a dash of uniqueness and authenticity to his sound, allowing his music to stand out as a one-of-a-kind combination of ideas and styles. This release feels like a perfect introduction to the varied skills that Tommy Jacket can bring to the table. This is definitely a must if you enjoy artists like Tyler The Creator or Mac Miller, only to mention a couple.

‘ImmaTommyBoy” is a very colorful and kaleidoscopic release, which feels quite down-to-earth, but also ambitious and cinematic in its scope. It’s the kind of music that combines beautifully executed instrumental parts with extremely thoughtful lyricism, combining the perks of storytelling with the charm of a catchy melody.

Find out more about Tommy Jacket, and listen to ‘ImmaTommyBoy”. This release is now available on some of the best digital music streaming services.