Times New Robot – Gli Anni

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Gli Anni’ released by Times New Robot

Times New Robot is the moniker behind the work of Elliot Tiller. This talented guitarist and songwriter is also known for his work with We Are Berliners, ad others, but he is currently focusing on laughing a new instrumental project by the name of Times New Robot.”

He recently released a brand new song named “Gli Anni,” which encapsulates his experimental approach to indie rock. On this track, Elliot’s ability to come up with exciting and unorthodox arrangements is truly astonishing, and I particularly love how he combines dreamy textures, with exiting instrumentals. This release is highly recommended for any fans of bands like Flying Lotus, The Cure, Maserati, or Explosions In The Sky.

The song kicks off with a beautiful soundscape, combining 80s-style synth tones with intricate lead guitar work. The song title, which translates into “The years” from Italian, has a very driven, yet contemplative feel.

Find out more about Times New Robot, and check out “Gli Anni,” which is currently available on the web.