The Refusers – Why Do They Lie

The Refusers channel the timeless spirit of alternative rock with their new release, “Why Do They Lie”

Great rock and roll music has always been about rebellion. It’s all about saying no to the establishment and finding unique ways to channel creativity and free expression. The Refusers follow in the trail of the best rock band in history, championing creative freedom and coming up with some killer guitar riffs along the way!Their most recent release, “Why Do They Lie” is a perfect example. The band’s music tips the hat off to timeless acts such as The Clash, Nirvana or Rage Against The Machine, but it also makes me think of contemporary influencers like Royal Blood, only to mention one.

This isn’t just a rock and roll anthem. It also has a deeper meaning. This track points the finger at the big pharmaceutical companies, who hooked millions of people on harmful painkillers. Such substances are causing a lot of overdoses, and even when dead doesn’t occur, they destroy lives and families in many ways. Even iconic musicians like Prince and Tom Petty (not to mention generations of rappers like Lil Peep and Mac Miller) lost their lives to drugs like Oxycodone.

This angsty rock song is all about revealing big pharma for what they really are: liars who cash in on death and pain!

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“The Refusers are one of the best indie rock bands plying their trade today … Disobey is a call to arms, but it’s an immensely artful collection as well … crackling with rock and roll spirit … musical excellence … The production frames the package in a physical package that has equal parts intelligence and attitude bubbling up from every line in the track. This new album will further solidify the band’s position as one of the most individualistic rock acts working today.”

Indie Music Review
There’s enough of a mix in styles on the album to make Disobey one of the finest rock albums you’ll hear in 2018

New Futur
Eight years since their formation, it’s becoming increasingly clear The Refusers can lay claim to being one of the best indie rock bands working today.

Music Existence
Disobey is just as rebellious musically as it is lyrically, and if guitar driven tracks like the blistering “Playing With Fire” aren’t enough to get your body moving, I don’t think anything will.

The Arc of Music
Nine parts rock and roll—one part punk. A controlled burn. Rage on a tap. The Refusers third studio album, Disobey, bitches and moans for the sake of the people, but does it with tasteful musical chops. Classic rock guitar riffs, sharp on-point percussion and bass, tasteful organ backdrops, and, of course, Belkin’s vocal timber—which could be described as some twisted hybrid of Ozzy and Bon Scott, all culminate to create an end-product that is both culturally relevant, and entertaining … Raise your fist right along with The Refusers.

Shock Ya
The EP perfectly crafts a thought-provoking defiance that will surely make listeners not only contemplate the new social norms, but also want to take action against the growing oppression.

Sidestage Magazine
This is a great album fighting back against government B.S. If you’re sick of it, you’ll love this 5-star album.

No Depression
One of the more solid rock releases in recent history.

Indie Pulse Music
While the craziness of these times will make most listeners gravitate towards the provocative messages, The Refusers drive their manifesto with some kick-ass rock and roll that equally commands our attention … a group of wicked awesome talent and years of service to “The People”…. Viva La Revolution!