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‘Berlin Wall’ from the newest album ‘Myths & Monsters’ by SACRED, local band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This song is about the walls that divide...

Mark Hamilton – Black Hole Sun

Mark Hamilton introducing brand new version of Black Hole Sun (as made famous by Soundgarden) July 2020 - Mark Hamilton is a singer and songwriter...

Paul Weinfield – If You’re Lucky Your Heart Will Break

"If You're Lucky Your Heart Will Break," the latest single from NYC-based singer-songwriter Paul Weinfield, is a song about the beauty that comes to...

Desert Rain – Free

Desert Rain presenting lyrical video for, 'Free' Desert Rain Project is a studio band with a rock sound aiming to make music that we love...

Dan Conway – Relentless

Dan Conway releases the Official Music Video for his new single, 'Relentless' Relentless is an anthem. It's a battle cry for the beaten. Just as...

Sayed Sabrina – Good Two Shoes

Sayed Sabrina presenting the Official Music Video for, 'Good Two Shoes' “Real living breathing music”: that’s how Sayed Sabrina describes her music, and we couldn’t...

Seven Past Sunset – Overwhelmed

Seven Past Sunset proudly present their Official Music Video for, 'Overwhelmed' When American rock band Seven Past Sunset got their start in 2017, vocalist Dustin...

Hunt Sales Memorial – One Day

Hunt Sales Memorial  presents the Official Music Video for, 'One Day' Hunt Sales is a survivor. Everything about him testifies to that: his eye patch,...

Illicit Symphony – Turn The Music Up

Hitting 2019 hard is Illicit Symphony's new song, Turn The Music Up. Hailing from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, Illicit Symphony are taking the...

Lucas Ray Exp “SPHINX”

Lucas Ray Exp proudly presents the Official Video for his new single “SPHINX” With his recent video for “Reveries”, Lucas Ray Exp showed the power...


Pinstripe - Everglow

Pinstripe – Everglow

Pinstripe just released a fantastic new release: "Everglow" March 2021 - Pinstripe is a band from Albany, Western Australia. They developed a warm, personal sound,...
Burniscous - DEADMON (Review)

Burniscous – DEADMON (Review)

Burniscous is back on the scene with a fantastic new release: DEADMON March 2021 - Artist and songwriter Burniscous has released a brand new studio...
Mark Andrew Hansen - Underneath

Mark Andrew Hansen – Underneath

Mark Andrew Hansen presents his single, 'Underneath' Australian songwriter Mark Andrew Hansen brings finger-style guitar to this song about the love the lies hidden underneath...
Finn Morrison - No Tomorrow

Finn Morrison – No Tomorrow

Finn Morrison introducing his brand new single release, 'No Tomorrow' Finn Morrison is a musician who grew up in Manila, Philippines. He writes, records and...
St. Laviathan - Saint Is the Victor

St. Laviathan – Saint Is the Victor

St. Laviathan hits the scene with a fantastic debut release: "Saint Is the Victor" March 2021 - St. Laviathan is an artist and songwriter who...
Dave Molter - There Goes My Heart

Dave Molter – There Goes My Heart

There Goes My Heart by Dave Molter I've always been influenced by many genres of music. Growing up min the Fifties & Sixties, I was...
Gears - So What?

Gears – So What?

Gears dropping their new single, 'So What?' GEARS is a heavy and hard-hitting rock band from Miami, FL. Founded in 2014, the band has had...
Shelly - Twerk

Shelly – Twerk

Shelly returns with her brand new single, 'Twerk' Shelly is a 24 year old singer/songwriter from Bogota, Colombia. She incorporates urban and latin beats in...
Big O & P-Rawb - Lost My Mind (feat. Gabby) (Review)

Big O & P-Rawb – Lost My Mind (feat. Gabby) (Review)

Big O & P-Rawb present: Lost My Mind (feat. Gabby) March 2021 - Big O & P-Rawb recently released a fantastic new studio track:...
Roam Like Ghosts - Disappear (Review)

Roam Like Ghosts – Disappear (Review)

Roam Like Ghosts presents: Disappear. March 2021 - Roma Like Ghosts is a band with a focus on creating vividly original music, which blurs...
Mark Andrew Hansen - Beautiful Here 2day

Mark Andrew Hansen – Beautiful Here 2day

Mark Andrew Hansen proudly presents: Beautiful Here 2day This upbeat pop song by Australian pianist and songwriter Mark Andrew Hansen looks at the happiness that...
Reese 3 - Cold Clocks

Reese 3 – Cold Clocks

Reese 3 presents his new single, 'Cold Clocks' With all the heat based around Reese 3’s controversial track “Cold Clocks” the Lil Durk of Detroit...

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