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Connor Pulse – Worry

ArtistRack brings to you 'Worry' by Connor Pulse: 24 years old have autism and turn my struggles into music   FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM |

Hammo – Self Inflicted Stress

Hammo has just released his New Single “Self Inflicted Stress” That’s 8 releases in only 16 weeks from this Aussie Artist. Produces, Writes and Publishes his...

Hammo – You

Hammo has just released his New Single “You” He wrote this about his partner relating to having that one person in your life that is always...

YSK – Swag

ArtistRack brings to you 'Swag' by the talented YSK: It’s all about Swag! https://open.spotify.com/track/5vmvKs1pNNT6HnYa3Zgnq5?si=xrtQxRSpRqGHj0lnDq3c4w FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

Young M – CheckThePrice

ArtistRack brings to you 'CheckThePrice' by the talented Young M: 'CheckThePrice' is the leading track from M's Debut 7 Track EP that dropped on the 26th...

Lil Kelvo – Emotionless 0.5

User which submitted Lil Kelvo - Emotionless 0.5 has committed a fraudulent payment claim. Their post has been removed from our site due to this. In order to reinstate it,...

Vibetonova – All Clear

'ALL CLEAR' is Vibetonova's first new single release for the New Year 2020. Vibetonova is an "out the box" artist who isn't afraid to...

Diztraught – Talking to Angels

ArtistRack brings to you 'Talking to Angels' by the talented Diztraught: Diztraught underground fire. True and unforgettable https://open.spotify.com/track/4P00Scafu2sxglYA3GENvL?si=x1w4NmNfT0Sj6oL8HYO7Qw     FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM |

KWEZZ – New Beginnings

ArtistRack brings to you a 7 track project titled 'New Beginnings' by the talented KWEZZ: Marquez Spencer a.k.a "KWEZZ" was born in Dublin, Georgia but was mostly...

D.Treez – Dough

ArtistRack brings to you 'Dough' by the talented D.Treez: First month on Spotify and I want to take it to the next level https://open.spotify.com/track/4wsmVoPqgUiqiG5p9XQuNp?si=GySu1i3BRHCYgqJMojWAtA   FOLLOW ON: TWITTER...


Jhonangel - La Ola

Jhonangel – La Ola

Jhonagel releases his first single La Ola. Being a huge fan of Reggaeton since his youth, the Dominican, and Puerto Rican that for most of...
Itz War Baby - Blessingz

Itz War Baby – Blessingz

Itz War Baby drops his new single, 'Blessingz' He’s backkkkkkkk ! With another BANGER ! This artist is so consistent with his artistry it’s a pleasure...
NovaSport - Martian

NovaSport – Martian

NovaSport introduces his brand new studio release, 'Martian' Album Out Now (MARTIAN) https://open.spotify.com/album/65wNVZxniR6DNXbtiWfLUR?si=jw5r9WuyQv2TtDmy25_fyw PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM
Dollaz - Fully Chop

Dollaz – Fully Chop

Fully Chop is Dollaz latest single. Dollaz wrote this song while in Jamaica. Then the pandemic hit which slow down everything for everyone. With the world...
Shemar Childs - TORQUE

Shemar Childs – TORQUE

Don’t miss out on Shemar Childs’ killer new track “TORQUE”.  Shemar Childs, also known as Christian Noah Rogers, has just dropped his brand new trap...
JC & Jaquees - No Filter

JC & Jaquees – No Filter

JC & Jaquees collab on the brand new single titled, 'No Filter' Song about the natural beauty of a women. https://open.spotify.com/track/0SBpofQR764dXrjnUObIDq?si=ZaS3PEbSQ72hBtI7G4Ze_w FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
Crown Bravo - Famous or Foreal

Crown Bravo – Famous or Foreal

New release, 'Famous or Foreal' by Crown Bravo Crown Bravo makes his debut release under new label Crown Entertainment Music Group. Famous or Foreal caters...
Thr3at_The_Rapper - The Darkness

Thr3at_The_Rapper – The Darkness

Thr3at_The_Rapper introduces his brand new single release, 'The Darkness' I am a South African rapper, founder of Thr3at Productions music label. I have had long...
Christine Nicole - Big Trouble

Christine Nicole – Big Trouble

Christine Nicole presents her exciting new single, 'Big Trouble' “Big Trouble” is the first single off if Christine Nicole’s upcoming EP. In this vulnerable song...
Cloi Crider - Did Me Dirty

Cloi Crider – Did Me Dirty

Cloi Crider has released her new single, 'Did Me Dirty' which is now available online Cloi Crider is a 20 year old singer songwriter from...
44 - World Gone Wrong

44 – World Gone Wrong

44  have just dropped their brand new single, 'World Gone Wrong' 44 is an independent Irish alt-pop project founded by Harrison & Leon. While 44...
Black Baethoven - Outside the Lines

Black Baethoven – Outside the Lines

Black Baethoven is taking a stand with his new album “Outside the Lines”. Black Baethoven is a rap artist hailing from Richmond, Virginia, who is...

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