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BIGlee ft Melvin Turner – Trust Issues

Presenting the official music video for the new single, 'Trust Issues' by BIGlee ft Melvin Turner A born and raised Sierraleonean living in the UK,...

FranceauThaGod Ft. Mikey Polo – Benihana

Presenting the visuals for the new single, 'Benihana' by FranceauThaGod featuring Mikey Polo Rockstar vibes! Hibachi steak, shrimp & sushi, FranceauThaGod and Mikey Polo are...

JONES – The Ones

JONES introducing brand new studio single: The Ones  June 2020 - JONES is an artist and songwriter who loves to create music that’s deeply nuanced,...

A.Spire – The Omen

Dark Alternative Rap from Tasmania. Daath St Productions presents "The Omen", the debut single from A.Spire. Based on true events, The Omen is a dark, Lynchian,...

KashMavz – OverTime

Official Music Video for, 'OverTime' new single released by KashMavz KashMavz Independent artist from Boston mass previewing New video called OverTime off the newest mixtape...

Mizz Frankie J Beatz – Mother Nature

Rapper/Producer is back with her official music video for Mother Nature. FOLLOW ON: TWITTER |  INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE

Vintage Daz – Started This Sh!t

Watch Vintage Daz flex and turn up in his newest Music Video “Started This Sh!t” shot by Tiantang. Co with a special appearance by...

Five K – Staying Strong

Five K drops the Official Music Video for his new single: Staying Strong Born and made in Dallas, TX, FIVE K aka Voice Of The...

Vintage Daz – Neva Stop

Vintage Daz presents a brand new visual “Neva Stop” shot by Erdan The Kid. These two young creative minds came together on a gloomy...

Arkadian – Life of Arkadian

Arkadian proudly presents the visuals for his new single: Life of Arkadian The story of the Bronx hiphop artist goes back to times when he...


ZAAR - Anonymous

ZAAR – Anonymous

ZM Records is proud to introduce Anonymous! ZAAR’s latest work in EDM, electronic house, and electronica music! Stream across all music platforms today on Spotify,...

Mark Hamilton – Black Hole Sun

Mark Hamilton introducing brand new version of Black Hole Sun (as made famous by Soundgarden) July 2020 - Mark Hamilton is a singer and songwriter...
The ZeVron DoN - Independent Zé

The ZeVron DoN – Independent Zé

July 2020  - The ZeVron DoN returns with this brand new single, 'Independent Zé' WithOut sayin' a WorD The Zevron Don iZ proclaiminG no👆🏽 can...
Kiera Lyons - Hiraeth

Kiera Lyons – Hiraeth

Kiera Lyons announces the release of her latest album, 'Hiraeth' Kiera Lyons is a 17 year-old singer-songwriter who's been writing music since she was 7....
Good for Nothing - This Life’s a Joke (Review)

Good for Nothing – This Life’s a Joke (Review)

Music review for the new album release, 'This Life’s a Joke' by Good for Nothing July 2020 - Good for Nothing is a band who...
Sophie St. John - Feeling Hope

Sophie St. John – Feeling Hope

Presenting new single release, 'Feeling Hope' by the talented artist Sophie St. John   My name is Sophie St. John. I’m a 22 year old singer...
Itsblockababy Ft. eL Mifa - Adrenaline

Itsblockababy Ft. eL Mifa – Adrenaline

Brand new single release, 'Adrenaline' by Itsblockababy Ft. eL Mifa https://open.spotify.com/track/5mr85lwhoFWdE23Jh29hQ8?si=WqxeKS4tTt-rSZlSc7lgOg FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM
Big O & Loki Loko - Ocean Grown

Big O & Loki Loko – Ocean Grown

Stream Big O & Loki Loko's latest EP 'Ocean Grown' ft Dutch100, Yodi Mack, and More. https://open.spotify.com/album/750iWIhbxqm0TwTV4PwjpP PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM: Big O | LokiLoko
Aleah Renee - Good Love

Aleah Renee – Good Love

Aleah Renee proudly presents her exciting new single: Good Love https://open.spotify.com/track/7dgilqY6rQ2HD6FTOLu18Y?si=_Ln-8H8FRNi4_72YR1CSgA FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM
Itsblockababy - HAITI

Itsblockababy – HAITI

Itsblockababy presenting his single: HAITI https://open.spotify.com/track/1ibscG0i924bDLO7Nza56v?si=HCpYp7MMTzOEzGwPTS3IXA FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM


NIGHTBREAKERS are back with their exciting new single, ‘Attention’ “So what can I say to get to you?” NIGHTBREAKERS are following up the success of...
Champ Blanco - Blanco Flow

Champ Blanco – Blanco Flow

Champ Blanco proudly presents his new single release, 'Blanco Flow' Just a young man trying to make it Do not miss out on listening to this...

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