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Hakim Jamal – Fly As The Next Guy

Hakim Jamal drops his new single, 'Fly As The Next Guy' Hard, funky jam, based around Fender Rhodes electric piano and menacing, brooding brass. The...

Don Mills – The Fix

Don Mills drops his brand new single, 'The Fix' Don Mills is a multi-platinum/diamond record producer and musician from Toronto, Canada. He has worked with...

The Shore Break – Get You Naked

The Shore Break present their exciting new song, 'Get You Naked' taken off their full album: The Shore Break EP The Shore Break is six...

Mon’quez – Too Sexy, You Lied

Mon'quez presents new track, 'Too Sexy, You Lied' My EP "Fine By Me" released on August 19th. It is a break up into self discovery...

J Moki Cho – Son of a Gun

New single, 'Son of a Gun' by J Moki Cho New release from J Moki Cho taking you back to the 80’s with a dose...

Los Wizzards – Funk that Shit

New single, 'Funk that Shit' by Los Wizzards Los Wizzards is a group of artists that create magic through music. They represent an authentic mix...

TeraVex – Alexandrite

TeraVex presents his new song: Alexandrite TeraVex is a music producer of vibes of varying sounds and styles. This vibe is a Mo-Town inspired funk...

Reynard – A Cupful Of Loving

Reynard releases new album, 'A Cupful Of Loving' On this album you get the full compliments of Reynard. Written, Sung,Produced,and Engineered. All done by him....

Mastalokey – Make a Move-Intro

Check out the new single, 'Make a Move-Intro' by Mastalokey A1OURWORLD FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE

Dog City Disco – Black Mild & Magic

Dog City Disco introducing brand new song, “Black Mild & Magic.” March 2020 - Dog City Disco is a band who just released a brand...


Niglevel - Plush Boogie

Niglevel – Plush Boogie

Niglevel introducing his brand new single, 'Plush Boogie' I'm a new artist that will touch your soul. FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | WEBSITE
Cameron Tyler - How Do I Die?

Cameron Tyler – How Do I Die?

Cameron Tyler drops the visuals for his new single, 'How Do I Die?' Cameron Tyler is a 24 year old rapper/singer from Flint, MI. Making...
B.A.D.A. - Exile

B.A.D.A. – Exile

A JOURNEY OF CLARITY DISTILLED THROUGH INTOXICATION AND DISILLUSIONMENT. Brazilian Pedro Cesario and Californian Carey Clayton, give birth to B.A.D.A.`s debut studio record Exile. Like (and...
B!TER - Look Morty, This Is My Rick!

B!TER – Look Morty, This Is My Rick!

B!TER proudly presenting his new single, 'Look Morty, This Is My Rick!' B!TER is an EDM/Dubstep producer from Minneapolis, MN. He keeps the crowd dancing,...
City of Sound - Silent Empire

City of Sound – Silent Empire

City of Sound are back with their brand new album release, 'Silent Empire' A 100% independent-music. A social-commentary on tribalism, hope, and reflection; our debut...
City of Sound - Aurora

City of Sound – Aurora

City of Sound return with their new track, 'Aurora' A song about coming along for a new adventure. https://open.spotify.com/track/5OPsjKTWDrDro6yVaXAweP?si=20jFXSYwTZi9q8O2gFm1Lw
Beeniebee - Slavemaster

Beeniebee – Slavemaster

Beeniebee drops new single, 'Slavemaster' Ou ou ah ah https://open.spotify.com/track/5f8smVU4aY5e2qubaay9Oo?si=9xIxeioaSnWyAjkGp8uGZA
Ziad - 2020 (SHIT SHOW)

Ziad – 2020 (SHIT SHOW)

New track by Ziad titled, '2020 (SHIT SHOW)' https://open.spotify.com/track/4aDRoeXA50mS9OSGRY8Yz7?si=OBemuJxNT-6lENa70_Ub5A FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM
Kush Dinero - Take It Off

Kush Dinero – Take It Off

Kush Dinero presenting his new single release, 'Take It Off' Tallahassee born, Orlando native Kush Dinero is the next prolific artist to come out of...
D.R.U - Over

D.R.U – Over

D.R.U presenting his debut single, 'Over' This song is my first single, my dream is become artist full time. I’m D.R.U singer , songwriter from...
5padez - Dear Journal

5padez – Doubted

5padez introducing his new song, 'Doubted' 5padez returning with his first released project "Enslaved Kingz" EP. Putting his fears and self doubt on display, overcoming...
5padez - Dear Journal

5padez – Dear Journal

5padez presenting his new track, 'Dear Journal' 5padez wanting to bring back his first project "Enslaved Kingz" EP. Take a listen to Pages, bringing something...

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