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SOUL.BOT – NO Connection

ArtistRack brings to you 'NO Connection' by the talented SOUL.BOT: FEMALE ARTIST---SOUL.BOT, Cosmic Neo Soul/Funk singer/songwriter. https://open.spotify.com/track/7hruQofBNHvVW1npp0OWLh?si=DV-1-wNyT8GTCn1eqvjeBw   FOLLOW ON: TWITTER  

CMDess – Funky Christmas

CMDess proudly presents his festive single, 'Funky Christmas' CMDess is a 22 year+ veteran of music creation. Born in 1982, CM has worked with live...

Asher Laub – Finesse

Check out the new single from Asher Laub titled 'Finesse' Finesse, produced by Asher, highlights one of my favorite rhythmic funk grooves. I got a...

Darnell Graham – Get On Up

ArtistRack is excited to bring to you the talented Darnell Graham and his latest single titled 'Get On Up' - we loved it, let...

Fadi Awad – The Funky Man

Fadi Awad - The Funky Man: On Monday the 5th of June 2017, The Multi-Awards Winner Artist Fadi Awad has released his brand new Funk...

David D’Angelo – Jade

David D’Angelo - Jade: David D’Angelo is an immensely gifted young producer and multi-instrumentalist who crafts a unique blend of electronic, hip-hop, funk, and jazz...


Classern Quartet - Just Bangers

Classern Quartet – Just Bangers

Classern Quartet proudly presenting new release, 'Just Bangers' Classern Quartet provides a unique musical experience unlike any other string quartet. Classern provides the listener with...
YoungFresh - Money n Drugsvideo

YoungFresh – Money n Drugs

Check out the Official Music Video for, 'Money n Drugs' by YoungFresh Yoo This YoungFresh Born In Chicago IL Westside .Age 22 .Born 1996 November...
Oded Nir - Rooftop Conversations

Oded Nir – Rooftop Conversations

Oded Nir proudly announcing his new release, 'Rooftop Conversations' It's been 9 years since Oded Nir's acclaimed debut LP 'Midnight Snacker' was released on Suntree...
The Static Dive - Retribalize

The Static Dive – Retribalize

The Static Dive releases new single, 'Retribalize' A groovy Trip Hop track with samples of media philosopher and futurist, Marshall McLuhan. The tune explores the...
Introducing 'hak7m faraji'

Introducing ‘hak7m faraji’

Introducing 'hak7m faraji' Monotonously provocative and welling with alot of emotion, hak7m is an eclectic artist, melding his own personality through each release. He plays...
Audentia - Open Journalvideo

Audentia – Open Journal

Audentia releases the Official Music Video for his new single, 'Open Journal' This a little bit about my story FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM
NR Dinosh - City Lights

NR Dinosh – City Lights

NR Dinosh proudly presents his new single, 'City Lights' Tamil RnB / Soul https://open.spotify.com/track/73prFZLGQsOthq7swf1mYY FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM
SheMacK - Press Down

SheMacK – Press Down

SheMacK introducing her exciting new single, 'Press Down' Raven Mack, professionally known as SheMacK is an American rapper and songwriter that is based out of...
Taymarion - Pillowvideo

Taymarion – Pillow

Taymarion proudly presents the visuals for his new single, 'Pillow' 27 yr old singer/songwriter from North Carolina. Started singing at the age of 7 in...
LUCKY! - Shaquiravideo

LUCKY! – Shaquira

LUCKY! introducing the Official Music Video for, 'Shaquira' LUCKY! (born Luciano F. Reyes) developed a love for music at an early age through playing the...
I, Protagonist - Strong (ft. Rori Rocket & JBG)

I, Protagonist – Strong (ft. Rori Rocket & JBG)

I, Protagonist announces his new single, 'Strong' featuring Rori Rocket & JBG This is the second single off the upcoming Royals: Volume 2 record. As...
City Boy ReeKō - Ben and Jerrys

City Boy ReeKō – Ben and Jerrys

City Boy ReeKō introducing brand new release, “Ben and Jerry’s” City Boy ReeKō is a true master when it comes to combine tasteful melodies with...

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