J Moki Cho - Son of a Gun

J Moki Cho – Son of a Gun

New single, 'Son of a Gun' by J Moki Cho New release from J Moki Cho taking you back to the 80’s with a dose...
Los Wizzards - Funk that Shit

Los Wizzards – Funk that Shit

New single, 'Funk that Shit' by Los Wizzards Los Wizzards is a group of artists that create magic through music. They represent an authentic mix...
TeraVex - Alexandrite

TeraVex – Alexandrite

TeraVex presents his new song: Alexandrite TeraVex is a music producer of vibes of varying sounds and styles. This vibe is a Mo-Town inspired funk...
Reynard - A Cupful Of Loving

Reynard – A Cupful Of Loving

Reynard releases new album, 'A Cupful Of Loving' On this album you get the full compliments of Reynard. Written, Sung,Produced,and Engineered. All done by him....
Mastalokey - Make a Move-Intro

Mastalokey – Make a Move-Intro

Check out the new single, 'Make a Move-Intro' by Mastalokey A1OURWORLD FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE
Dog City Disco - Black Mild & Magic

Dog City Disco – Black Mild & Magic

Dog City Disco introducing brand new song, “Black Mild & Magic.” March 2020 - Dog City Disco is a band who just released a brand...
GrooveShine - Super Nova

GrooveShine – Super Nova

GrooveShine presenting new song, 'Super Nova' GrooveShine from Santa Barbara combines funk, reggae, hip hop and world rhythms into upbeat singer-songwriter grooves. Formed by producer...
Sumomo - Born 2 Make U Dance

Sumomo – Born 2 Make U Dance

Sumomo is back on the scene with a brand new single: Born 2 Make U Dance. Sumomo is a talented artist who recently release a...

Finn – Weekdays

ArtistRack brings to you 'Weekdays' by Finn: Modern funk blues song, about a junkie getting through days of the week....a couple of touches of James...

The Soularsapiens – Azimuth

“Azimuth” is the newest release from The Soularsapiens, a group characterized by their unique funky sound and deep spiritual messages. Their songs are Jazz/Funk...

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