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Ben Tansing – Lights Down Low

Ben Tansing presents his exciting new single, 'Lights Down Low' Singer/Songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia https://open.spotify.com/track/1hHdRu1HtjZdfPyGSBCaFh PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK

Gillian Krystal – Feed Your Soul

Gillian Krystal releasing brand new single, “Feed Your Soul.” Passionate, emotional, pure. These are only some of the 3 words that comes to mind when...

Gedalya – Pulling Strings

Gedalya introduces his new album, 'Pulling Strings' Gedalya is a folk rock singer/songwriter based in New York. Exploring themes of faith, hardships, and growth, his...

Lanterns of Hope – There Was This Girl

Lanterns of Hope presenting his exciting new single, 'There Was This Girl' Eastern-Washington's Lanterns of Hope melds pensive lyrics, absorbing guitar playing, and subdued vocals,...

Owls & Lions – God Bless You & Protect You

Check out the Official Music Video for, 'God Bless You & Protect You' by Owls & Lions Think about the last wedding you attended. Chances...

Terry Robb “How a Free Man Feels”

Terry Robb presenting the Official Music Video for his new single “How a Free Man Feels” Some musicians win awards. Then there are the very...

Billy Jeter – Midnight Train

Billy Jeter is back with a brand new release: “Midnight Train” taken from 'House on Fire' Singer and songwriter Billy Jeter mastered the art of...

W. Dire Wolff with Sundance Jump – The Loner (Beyond the...

W. Dire Wolff with Sundance Jump presenting new single, 'The Loner' from the album Beyond the Zen Rodeo "Beyond the Zen Rodeo" is a psychedelic...

Meghan Pulles – Light After Loss

Meghan Pulles presenting her exciting new single, 'Light After Loss' I composed this song paying tribute to those who left us too soon. Those perpetual...

Wesley West – Little Did He Know

“Little Did He Know” is Wesley West’s first single release after producing three very successful tracks for the alt-pop South African artist Bijou Bijou....


Crushlife King - Göd

Crushlife King – Göd

Known for his unique music style, the new single Göd (Gød - clean) from independent artist Crushlife King does not disappoint. Good vibes, good...
Chef Flvcko - Beach Music, Vol. 2

Chef Flvcko – Beach Music, Vol. 2

Chef Flvcko proudly presents new release, 'Beach Music, Vol. 2' Artist/Producer From Long Beach,Ca coming with a new sound to the game , and introducing...
Hooks By: DJ, Lorlooney & Korynn OC - Win

Hooks By: DJ, Lorlooney & Korynn OC – Win

Check out the new single, 'Win' taken off the full album It Ain't Always Sunny by Hooks By: DJ, Lorlooney & Korynn OC WIN is...
Wxsted Txlent - On The Road Again

Wxsted Txlent – On The Road Again

Wxsted Txlent drop their exciting new single, 'On The Road Again' Canadian music duo made up of vocalist Bobby LX and producer Tommy Fresh. https://open.spotify.com/track/1yidK8Ushj7mOgix5K8ool?si=JqqYNsC2S7yrGlGwBEEnjA FOLLOW ON:...
Mauve - Brand New

Mauve – Brand New

Award-winning avant-garde electro-popstress Mauve ushers in a “Brand New” era with the release of her newest single — as well as her debut EP,...
Rawmny Wildcat - Legacy

Rawmny Wildcat – Legacy

Rawmny Wildcat proudly presents new single, 'Legacy' The bright chord riffs on “Legacy” bring the track back to an 80s, near-vintage sound while carrying elements...
Joey Clarkson - These Days

Joey Clarkson – These Days

For country/Americana artist Joey Clarkson, the title of her forthcoming album, The Year That Never Happened — and its premiere single “These Days” available...
Yvalain - Reborn on July 7th (feat. Juha Hintikka)

Yvalain – Reborn on July 7th (feat. Juha Hintikka)

Yvalain proudly presents new song, 'Reborn on July 7th' featuring Juha Hintikka This instrumental song is the one that best represents my deepest soul. I...
IngenuiTee - Who Am I?

IngenuiTee – Who Am I?

My name is IngenuiTee from Richmond, VA. This is my new single Who Am I? Follow me on IG and go like my FB...
Saccade - Fire Starter

Saccade – Fire Starter

Saccade proudly presents new song, 'Fire Starter' A native son of Los Angeles, Sam Davidson grew up on a steady diet of classic rock and...
DaVion Luv - Feenin’ (Review)

DaVion Luv – Feenin’ (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, 'Feenin’' released by DaVion Luv  A deep and sultry song with some neo-soul and R&B vibes.  DaVion...
Arca$ Nu$tia - Till The $ky Falls

Arca$ Nu$tia – Till The $ky Falls

Arca$ Nu$tia introducing brand new release: “‘Till The $ky Falls” Arca$ Nu$tia is a rap artist based in New York. This talented performer makes music...

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