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Ryan Edmond – From the Start

Ryan Edmond presents his exciting new single, 'From the Start' Ryan Edmond is a multi-instrumental singer-songwriter who hails from the small town of Rockingham, Western...

Dalby – Junction Town Blues

Dalby is back with a new single, 'Junction Town Blues' Haunting organ paints the picture of this rust belt town. 13 year old songwriter Dalby...

Joshua Hope – They Drink the Wine

Joshua Hope presenting his new single, 'They Drink the Wine' Joshua Hope of the band Lanterns of Hope. https://open.spotify.com/track/7xCvdG9NR0O8NKSGtErqCv FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | WEBSITE

Lanterns of Hope – Sea Song

Check out the single, 'Sea Song' by Lanterns of Hope The newest single by Northwest neo-folk act Lanterns of Hope. https://open.spotify.com/track/7CbDt4iVAyMvjJ0ydSTosJ FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | WEBSITE

Vast Ecliptic Planes – Hello Reflection

Check out the new single, ' Hello Reflection' released by Vast Ecliptic Planes Sounds from The Ecliptic. Originated in Indianapolis, Indiana. Traveling with the winds....

Colby Dean – Will I Go

Colby Dean introduces the Official Music Video for his new single, 'Will I Go' Born in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Colby Dean comes...

Sam Sims – Breathe

Sam Sims drops an exciting new single titled, 'Breathe' This folk-pop track illustrates a philosophy that encourages listeners to relax and enjoy life. This song describes...

Ben Tansing – Lights Down Low

Ben Tansing presents his exciting new single, 'Lights Down Low' Singer/Songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia https://open.spotify.com/track/1hHdRu1HtjZdfPyGSBCaFh PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK

Gillian Krystal – Feed Your Soul

Gillian Krystal releasing brand new single, “Feed Your Soul.” Passionate, emotional, pure. These are only some of the 3 words that comes to mind when...

Gedalya – Pulling Strings

Gedalya introduces his new album, 'Pulling Strings' Gedalya is a folk rock singer/songwriter based in New York. Exploring themes of faith, hardships, and growth, his...


Kazzle & Osayris - Vuelve

Kazzle & Osayris – Vuelve

Kazzle & Osayris release their second single, ' Vuelve' When friendships goes beyond art! Kazzle & Osayris is a duo based in Orlando, Florida, although born and...
Ni' Year - Overtime feat. Frostyee (Prod. By Frostyee)video

Ni’ Year – Overtime feat. Frostyee (Prod. By Frostyee)

Ni’Year just released a brand new single titled “Overtime.” Artist Ni’Year is hitting the music scene with a new production. The artist’s most recent hip-hop...
Steen Rylander - By Sparkling Strings

Steen Rylander – By Sparkling Strings

Composer Steen Rylander is back on the scene with a new album, Sparkling Strings Steen Rylander is a musical and composer based in Copenhagen, Denmark....
WILL of the STATE - Bon Bonvideo

WILL of the STATE – Bon Bon

WILL of the STATE presents a new single: Bon Bon. WILL of the STATE is an artist based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Recently, he released a...
John Dartnell - Damn It Allvideo

John Dartnell – Damn It All

John Dartnell presenting the visuals for his latest release, “Damn It All.” John Dartnell is a singer-songwriter with a focus on creating beautiful, poignant and...
Mellowfosho ft Savv Tz Nessie G - Like Mevideo

Mellowfosho ft Savv Tz Nessie G – Like Me

Check out the official music video for, 'Like Me' released by Mellowfosho featuring Savv Tz Nessie G We're from Santa Barbara .ca and are a...
Ozie Daniels - BrainStorm

Ozie Daniels – BrainStorm

Ozie Daniels presenting his latest album, 'BrainStorm' Whether you call him Ozie Daniels or “Odan The Great “, one things for sure, this guy is...
Dalby - Don’t Ask Me Why

Dalby – Don’t Ask Me Why

Don’t Ask Me Why by Dalby, is a song with a cool retro 90’s sound. Lyrics take you inside the internal struggle of a...
Sleuth - Make A Meal Out Of You (Review)

Sleuth – Make A Meal Out Of You (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, 'Make A Meal Out Of You' released by Sleuth Sleuth is an artist who recently released...
y´all - Shakeboom

y´all – Shakeboom

y´all presenting exciting new single, 'Shakeboom' Shake groove b&b , yeh yeh https://open.spotify.com/track/6utfJtIexv2ILqFPn7OdGE?si=DqFETdlWRkm7816QLGPgPw FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM
Champion - Bad Ending

Champion – Bad Ending

Introducing the stunningly talented emerging Hip Hop artist Champion, with his new track 'Bad Ending' off his debut album "AutoPilot"! Also features the raw...
My Eclectic Self - Evergreen

My Eclectic Self – Evergreen

My Eclectic Self is back with a new single titled, 'Evergreen' My name is Stephen Willis, and I am the musician behind My Eclectic Self....

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