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Desmond – Eaze UpII

Desmond - Eaze UpII: New music from south Florida artist Desmond   FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM 

Desmond – 3 Hours Freestyle

"3 Hours Freestyle" by Desmond.   FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

Desmond – Noc Filez

Desmond - Noc Filez: Part 1 of 2 of the Ep Noc Filez, Freebie loosie songs.   FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

Desmond – Wildin (Prod.Lowkey)

Desmond - Wildin (Prod.Lowkey): 20 year old artist from South Florida. This is one of the tracks taken from his upcoming EP which he will be putting out later this month.

Desmond – Eaze up (Prod.Culture Music Group)

Desmond - Eaze up (Prod.Culture Music Group): 20 years old been making music for a year. Just trying to figure out a way to...

Desmond – Preach (Prod.Bandit Luce)

Desmond - Preach (Prod.Bandit Luce) 20 years old been making hip hop music for about 2 years now. Just want to use the music as a stepping stone towards greater things in the future, hopefully inspire children along the way thats really the main goal.

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