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Bwana Tice – Project F (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, 'Project F' released by Bwana Tice Bwana Tice is an artist and musician with a focus...

Robert Manigault – Get To You

Robert Manigault introducing new music video release, Get To You April 2020 - Artist and composer Robert Manigault has always been one to stay busy....

Shauna Marshall – Shine

Shauna Marshall proudly presenting the visuals for new single, 'Shine' Filmed and produced in Kelowna by: KLFilming Written by: Shauna Marshall. Recorded, mixed and mastered...

MindMassage – The Witness

Mindmassage presenting exciting new single, 'The Witness' Check out my new dance track :) EDM and meditation UNITE https://open.spotify.com/track/4mvEGH8mR3QJ4hy0abBCa5?si=i_vIRWxrR3iLNeNG6CbA3A FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM

Panfur – Summer Vacay

Exciting new single titled, 'Summer Vacay' released by Panfur Made for those trying to have summer come early and never leave. Summer Vacay is the...

AudioHeartbeat – Tetrahedran

AudioHeartbeat back on the scene with a new single, 'Tetrahedran' Tetrahedron is a experimental electronic dance track meant to put the listener in a uplifting...

Ropas feat. Aylin – My Game

Check out the new single, 'My Game' by Ropas featuring Aylin "My Game" is a dance song with housy vibes and a catchy melody. Ropas is...

Cookiee Kawaii – Vibe

Cookiee Kawaii to release brand new studio single: Vibe. February 2020 - Cookiee Kawaii is a dance music act based in East Orange. Recently, the...

CWIOK – Hesitation

CWIOK presents his new song, 'Hesitation' which is taken off his full album  Friendly Zippers. Ever met a zipper you didn’t like? The latest brainchild...

RYYTA – Clear Mind

ArtistRack brings to you 'Clear Mind' by the talented RYYTA: This song is both exciting and calm. It will take you on a journey, and...


Modest - Best Of Modest

Modest – Best Of Modest

Best Of Modest, new album release by Modest I go by the Name of Modest from the Bronx NY giving y’all this Best Of Modest...
Joseph Parish - Beau

Joseph Parish – Beau

Joseph Parish (Joe Parish & Uplifters Ranch) introducing debut single, Beau. May 2020 - Joseph Parish, is a singer and songwriter also known for under...
B. Cole - Game Changer

B. Cole – Game Changer

Adding to a repertoire of high profile hustle tracks, B. Cole solidifies his mark on the game with his release of “Game Changer” this...
Diamonique Jackson - Parking Lot

Diamonique Jackson – Parking Lot

Diamonique Jackson introducing a brand new studio single, “Parking Lot.” May 2020 - Diamonique Jackson is a singer and songwriter based in Memphis, Tennessee, who...
Keo - Withdrawals (feat. Slik)

Keo – Withdrawals (feat. Slik)

Keo releases brand new single, 'Withdrawals' featuring Slik Released on all platforms “Withdrawals” is my deepest song. A true release of spiritual energy, followed with...
Tyler Mars & Abraxaz - Alright

Tyler Mars & Abraxaz – Alright

Tyler Mars & Abraxaz proudly presents their new single release, 'Alright' Moodset. https://open.spotify.com/track/5iG25ocim0uO7h76ifdAcH?si=msZpXglRQ-WxmpKCtlEwkA FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM : Tyler Mars | Abraxaz
Killit casper ft B-Lighty - Front Line

Killit casper ft B-Lighty – Front Line

Presenting new single, 'Front Line' by Killit casper featuring B-Lighty  Whats up music lovers this is killit casper from the birth place of hiphop Bronx...
Mighty PLUTO - Forrest Gump

Mighty PLUTO – Forrest Gump

Here's Mighty PLUTO with a smooth track for the upcoming summer! "Forrest Gump" is now streaming on all platforms!! Listen to the brand new single...
Royalty Tarantino - C.R.E.A.M. Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Royalty Tarantino – C.R.E.A.M. Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Royalty Tarantino presenting new album release, 'C.R.E.A.M. Cash Rules Everything Around Me' A young Up & Coming artist from Virginia. Music Streaming on all platforms....
Imtravi - Atu Everyday LLC

Imtravi – Atu Everyday LLC

Imtravi proudly presents his new song, 'Atu Everyday LLC' If you like this jam, share it with all of your people. Thank you! https://open.spotify.com/track/1pwRAiaB1LCLcYCnUwGNoB?si=CmcvyM6NTS-mImz8df35HQ FOLLOW ON: TWITTER
Feels Like Forever - Burning Daylight

Feels Like Forever – Burning Daylight

Exciting new single by Feels Like Forever titled,  'Burning Daylight' This song is an anthem for anyone who feels like they’re not reaching their full...
Joel Lechiile - Luna

Joel Lechiile – Luna

Presenting new single, 'Luna' by Joel Lechiile Joel Lechiile is a Hip-Hop artist that recently released a single called "Luna." He plans to release more...

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