Rocco Bene – Love is a Vampire

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Love is a Vampire’ by Rocco Bene

Rocco Bene has seen significant growth since his days as one half of the Boy band duo GEMINI (around 2001 with Warner Music Australia).
“After my mother’s passing, I found solace in Cairns, which inspired me to write this song. Originally titled ‘Drug is a Vampire,’ I later changed it to ‘Love is a Vampire’ to connect with a wider audience. The song reflects on how life’s pleasures can leave us drained yet still longing for more.”
Australian DJ Buzz William, whipped up this version. What started as a remix quickly stole the limelight, strutting its stuff as the headlining single!
Rocco’s renditions of Madonna’s ‘Lucky Star,’ Wendy Matthews’ ‘The Day You Went Away,’ and most recently ‘Torn,’ have received acclaim from DJs and radio stations globally.
Noteworthy original tracks like ‘Have the Faith,’ ‘Empty,’ ‘In My Shoes,’ and his latest hit ‘Andiamo [Let’s Go]’ featuring Tania Doko, reached #1 on the iTunes dance charts.
With the launch of ‘Rocco Wear,’ a fashion line complementing his music career, Rocco seamlessly merges fashion and music, showcasing his dedication to his art, talent, style, and devoted fanbase.

Out June 11