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Ropas feat. Aylin – My Game

Check out the new single, 'My Game' by Ropas featuring Aylin "My Game" is a dance song with housy vibes and a catchy melody. Ropas is...

Cookiee Kawaii – Vibe

Cookiee Kawaii to release brand new studio single: Vibe. February 2020 - Cookiee Kawaii is a dance music act based in East Orange. Recently, the...

CWIOK – Hesitation

CWIOK presents his new song, 'Hesitation' which is taken off his full album  Friendly Zippers. Ever met a zipper you didn’t like? The latest brainchild...

RYYTA – Clear Mind

ArtistRack brings to you 'Clear Mind' by the talented RYYTA: This song is both exciting and calm. It will take you on a journey, and...

Sam Eye – Megamix 2020

Sam Eye proudly presenting, 'Megamix 2020' Musical year 2020 starts with megamix 2020. This release date is 13.2.2020. The publication related to a name change made...

Reynard – B (More Careful)

ArtistRack brings to you 'B (More Careful)' a 12 track project by the talented Reynard: This is the album is a great mix of Genres...

Dj Niledge feat. Dj Fatman – Really Luv House Music

ArtistRack brings to you 'Really Luv House Music' by the talented Dj Niledge and featuring Dj Fatman Get ready! This release is meant to capture your...

Cuddles – Monstrz

ArtistRack brings to you 'Monstrz' by the talented Cuddles: Hello my name is Jeremy (Cuddles)! In my spare time I like to mix up beats,...

Jim Jensen – I Want You

ArtistRack brings to you 'I Want You' by the talented Jim Jensen: Sophomore single from Danish artist Jim Jensen https://open.spotify.com/track/7Ez1QSWlrq2XE9zRF8YkS1?si=Qjm6cvuKQ_qAZH6wGajt8Q   FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM...

Reynard – Fire On The Grill

ArtistRack brings to you 'Fire On The Grill' by the talented Reynard: Forth Album in 3 months. Always creating. Never duplicating. I have my own...


7ROSES - Paradise (Original Mix)

7ROSES – Paradise (Original Mix)

Another amazing brand new single from rising act 7ROSES titled, 'Paradise (Original Mix).' The track includes everything from catchy vocal chops, to euphoric melodies,...
Mullally - Vibe

Mullally – Vibe

Presenting the new single, 'Vibe' by Mullally He’s the Blue-Eyed Soul Sensation hailed by many as the new Sam Smith.” – Metro “The 20-year-old Norfolk resident...
The Pocket Herc - Mama Said

The Pocket Herc – Mama Said

The Pocket Herc presenting exciting new single, 'Mama Said' The Pocket Herc is a New Zealand-born singer-songwriter, beat maker & music producer, based in Sydney,...
Fella and JJJeezy ‐ Sunday

Fella and JJJeezy – Sunday

Fella and JJJeezy presenting their exciting new single, 'Sunday' Sunday is a perfect ode to the fusion of fashion and relaxation. Fella and JJJeezy have...
Tylin Jarrett - Movin' On

Tylin Jarrett – Movin’ On

Tylin Jarrett proudly presenting his new single: Movin' On Hi! My name is Tylin Jarrett and I am 17 years old. I started writing music...
Hammo - 2020

Hammo – 2020

Hammo introducing brand new release, 2020. February 2020 - Hailing from Australia, Hammo is an underground rap artist with a focus on creating melodic, yet...
Mark Ambuter - A Scratch of Grace

Mark Ambuter – A Scratch of Grace

A Scratch of Grace Words and Music... Mark Ambuter Mark Ambuter... Lead Vocals Rhythm Guitars Joth Little... Lead Guitars I would prefer to leave you to ponder the...
Yvalain - Back Again

Yvalain – Back Again

"Back Again" is an original pop-rock song with enigmatic words composed by Yvalain. With Jacques Delorenzi (France) on vocals, Juha Hintikka (Finland) on flutes,...
Stretch Zero - Fast Forward

Stretch Zero – Fast Forward

Stretch Zero just released a new single, 'Fast Forward' Fast Forward is a love song but an awkward and impatient one. I wrote it about...
LaJay Baby - Fuck Nigga World

LaJay Baby – Fuck Nigga World

Fuck Nigga World written and directed by Philadelphia up and coming artist , LaJay Baby ! FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM 
Sonic Break - Spaceman

Sonic Break – Spaceman

Rock Band: Sonic Break presenting their new single, 'Spaceman' Vancouver based energizing band Sonic Break are becoming quickly revered for driving their own unique slant...
PRiDE - Pulse (feat. Yung Kujo)

PRiDE – Pulse (feat. Yung Kujo)

PRiDE presenting new song, 'Pulse' featuring Yung Kujo If you like Pulse, you'll dig the rest of my music as well, so be sure to...

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