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Couch Jackets – Pillows And Rillos

Check out the visuals for new single titled 'Pillows And Rillos' from Couch Jackets  AK-based Couch Jackets are back with “Pillows and Rillos”, a mob-enforcer...

Earthquake Lights – The Fix

Check out Earthquake Lights performing live to their single 'The Fix' Earthquake Lights has centered their discography around natural phenomena. Currently based in Brooklyn, New...

Love Pocket – Stiletto Heels

Check out the new single 'Stiletto Heels' by Love Pocket  Love Pocket is a groove duo from NYC. They’re new single "Stiletto Heels" is a...

Lee Branden and the Black Harness – Toya

Lee Branden and the Black Harness introducing new heartfelt song, 'Toya' Lee Branden and the Black Harness have been active contributors to the bursting Philadelphia...

SoullessProphet – The Embrace

Check out the new single 'The Embrace' by SoullessProphet  If you like what you hear feel free to checkout the rest of the album on...

McCabe – Flower Circle

Check out the new EP 'Flower Circle' from McCabe John McCabe is a musician and artist based in So. California. 'Flower Circle' is the 5-song...

ROCKQ – Black Widow

Check out the new single 'Black Widow' by ROCKQ  Black Widow has ripped up and destroyed the local scene and will be coming to your...

Bryce Mitsdarffer – Nobody

Check out the Debut single 'Nobody'  Written, performed, and recorded by Bryce Mitsdarffer

Carol Blaze – Signals (Review)

Check out this Review on album 'Signals' from Artist Carol Blaze Carol Blaze’s brand new release, “Signals” is a smooth and rich alternative single that...

Carol Blaze – Signals

Carol Blaze releases new single 'Signals' A.T. Vish has been a musician in Pittsburgh since 1992. The former drummer of Pittsburgh's dreampop darlings, Lowsunday (Projekt...


ToniSteelz - Google Me

ToniSteelz – Google Me

ToniSteelz returns with her brand new single, 'Google Me' ToniSteelz is a Grammy considered, multi award winning artist from Brooklyn, NY. Google Me is an...
Neer TNW - Jumex (Down Bad 2)

Neer TNW – Jumex (Down Bad 2)

Neer TNW presents his exciting new track, 'Jumex (Down Bad 2)' This song to me represents just getting tired of being mistreated and realizing my...
Tkothegentleman - Come Over

Tkothegentleman – Come Over

Tkothegentleman presents his new song, 'Come Over' https://open.spotify.com/track/06AnPY7id9GnqCO07Ts5QV?si=_FGovreHQ7C7HhmAk6Wj9Q FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM
Youngkinguno & Yr.rollie - YOU

Youngkinguno & Yr.rollie – YOU

Youngkinguno & Yr.rollie release their new track, 'YOU' bringing a very R&B and Soul feeling to the Hip-Hop and Rap genre. It's filled with...
John Tyler - Come Together feat. Neon June & Brandon Woody

John Tyler – Come Together feat. Neon June & Brandon Woody

Brand new single, 'Come Together' by John Tyler featuring Neon June & Brandon Woody "Come Together" is an upbeat, joyful, catchy song about unity and...
Si Connelly - If I Were

Si Connelly – If I Were

Si Connelly returns with his new single, 'If I Were' New single 'If I Were' is the sixth single to be taken from Si's forthcoming...
Ylyfe C - Gorgeous

Ylyfe C – Gorgeous

Ylyfe C presents his exciting new single, 'Gorgeous' Even from behind bars Ylyfe C continues to feed the streets with music and visuals keeping his...
Madeinthe90s - Back On My Bullshit

Madeinthe90s – Back On My Bullshit

Madeinthe90s presenting his latest track, 'Back On My BullShit' Produced by RoseBoy Beats. A summer time hit by Madeinthe90s off of his second studio album...
Abrigo - On TV One Day

Abrigo – On TV One Day

Abrigo proudly presents his single, 'On TV One Day' Best Liberian rapper https://open.spotify.com/track/4ep3n540neVABygbXXrREX?si=kSPyoJR2TnqZ3o7p5KgC6Q FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
Hembadoon - Lady

Hembadoon – Lady

Presenting new single, 'Lady' released by Hembadoon Hembadoon is a singer & songwriter who brings a unique creative element and versatility into her music. Having...
5padez - Understand Me

5padez – Understand Me

5padez presents his latest release, 'Understand Me' I try to be aware of what I say in my music, while still delivering punch lines that'll...
P.A.T. - Inside The People

P.A.T. – Inside The People

P.A.T.  proudly present their latest release, 'Inside The People' Louisiana, United States - 3rd June, 2020 - P.A.T. a prominent hip-hop and rap artist entertainer...

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