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Glenn Shayne – All Tied Up

Glenn Shayne - All Tied Up: Glenn Shayne has been writing lyric sheets since 1985. Currently working with Paramount Song Recording Studio in Nashville, TN.,...

Cinema Novo – Isonade

Cinema Novo - Isonade: Atlanta-based Cinema Novo (whose name is borrowed from the 1960s Brazilian film movement) finds their home blending progressive punk, world rhythms,...

Plateau – Failure (Failure)

Plateau - Failure (Failure): Failure is about the human obsession with failing in life and how that effects how you see yourself in the...

Mothertapes – Do Make Say

Mothertapes - Do Make Say: Sophisticated special effects in music videos are so widespread that audiences have grown jaded. But sometimes a clip comes along...

Owen – Settled Down

Owen - Settled Down: Mike Kinsella is not your average singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist. The beloved Chicago-native has been soothing ears and mending the hearts of his dedicated...

AV Super Sunshine – Spider Wedding

AV Super Sunshine - Spider Wedding: He’s never been shy about the past demons he has had to conquer in his life. His battles with...

Chris Watkins (Drunk Poets) – Cheerleader in Love (Lights All Askew)

Chris Watkins (Drunk Poets) - Cheerleader in Love (Lights All Askew): Chris Watkins is an American musician-singer-songwriter. Hailing from Alaska, Watkins is the founding member...

Fire To The Stars – Wholesale Slaughter

  Fire To The Stars - Wholesale Slaughter: Fire to the Stars formed in Melbourne from a collection of Australians and ex-pat Swedes with a...

Dont Look Now – Count To Ten

Dont Look Now - Count To Ten: Alternative pop rock with a distinctly English flavour, blending upbeat melodic tunes & catchy lyrics with a wry...

Solos absurdos – Straight line

Solos absurdos - Straight line: Solos absurdos is a NYC independent rock band Straight line by Solos Absurdos FOLLOW ON: TWITTER


Casey Baer ft. Tayler Holder Christmas Time Valentine

Casey Baer ft. Tayler Holder Christmas Time Valentine

Christmas Time Valentine is an original Christmas song performed by Casey Baer featuring Tayler Holder. Do not miss out on listening to this festive single...
Minnie Carter - Proud to be Me

Minnie Carter – Proud to be Me

"Proud to be Me" is Minnie Carter's most Popular Spoken-Word Single currently streaming on YouTube, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify and most other Digital Outlets. It...
MSJR - Prophecies (Falling Down)

MSJR – Prophecies (Falling Down)

MSJR proudly presents single, 'Prophecies (Falling Down)' MSJR was created in honor of a lost friend. The music has been created to spread positive messages...
WVLNGTH - Distance

WVLNGTH – Distance

WVLNGTH presenting exciting new single, 'Distance' Check it out here: https://open.spotify.com/track/1D6dw43Qp6Xvaf3L0m3lTk?si=-iZxqUwoQQSIxFNzYv69tw   FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM
Core - Complicated

Core – Complicated

Presenting the new single 'Complicated' by Core Talented recording artist out of New Jersey with a smooth sound. He’s inspired by Pop and R&b music...

Hefty Lefty – Don’t Remind Me

Hefty Lefty with YungFace Entertainment out of Denver, Colorado dropping his highly anticipated first solo and video release "Don't Remind Me" Let some real...
JD and the Critics - Bad Guy

JD and the Critics – Bad Guy

Presenting new song, 'Bad Guy' by JD and the Critics  Great new rock and roll song by JD and the critics with an old school...
Jack Frigid - Time is Money

Jack Frigid – Time is Money

Jack Frigid presenting, 'Time is Money' Check my new release off the classic album The Prophet! https://open.spotify.com/track/0456qcYXxN8f2xCxggRJPd?si=fO3D0prBQRutKMRl5qYOnA FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM
Moonbody1 - Why Did You Lie

Moonbody1 – Why Did You Lie

Moonbody1 presenting her new single, 'Why Did You Lie' I am a independent Artist who write's her song from scratch. I producing my own Beats...
William Bolton - Good

William Bolton – Good

Self-produced and written by William Bolton, "Good" is an eclectic Pop track, heavily inspired by Disco. It's an upbeat and provocative. It's the type...
Stephanie Falcone - Over You

Stephanie Falcone – Over You

"Over You" is an original song by Stephanie Falcone, featured on her latest album "Revival." You can listen to 'Over You' here https://open.spotify.com/track/0hnmDv73GOF6BKVJdPafe7?si=VBwcP9NUT0uoqXRfScODlw PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER...
Cinoevil - Tired

Cinoevil – Tired

Cinoevil presenting new release, 'Tired' Tired is 100% original. Produced, mixed, written, mastered and recorded by Cinoevil. https://open.spotify.com/track/1H9l1ujNYGxWg2jXz3wrX3?si=4VBRcaWLQpGlcmsYgrupyA FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

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