Syne – Midas

Syne presenting animated music video for, ‘Midas’

Mother Earth. From the beginning of our existence, she has been there for us, providing sustenance and shelter, energy and life for us. We take from her, but we don’t give back. We see the signs that she is growing tired, that she cannot keep on giving us so much for much longer, but we do not change. Throughout history, civilizations have fallen because of greed, but we do not learn. We are trapped in a cycle of greed and complacency, and, if we are not careful, we may end up destroying our home, and we may not get another chance to rebuild it. “Mother Earth, we need her”.

With a cinematic soundscape that seems to originate from another place and time, “Midas” takes the traditional story of Midas, with a slightly tweaked mythology, context, and setting, and brings nature and Mother Earth to the forefront, warning of the tragic impact that humanity’s greed could have on our world, our environment, the Earth, and everything we care about.