Stephh V – Simple (Review)

Stephh V - Simple (Review)

Check out this music review for the new single, ‘Simple’ released by Stephh V

April 2020: Sometimes, the title of a song is pretty self-explanatory, and in a way, this is definitely the case for Stephh V’s new, exciting single, “Simple.” This track is impressive, precisely because its formula is so direct and upfront.

Stephh does not need to distract the audience with useless trickery and studio gimmicks. It is really all about capturing the honesty of a spontaneous performance, and sharing something more energetic with the audience. As a rap fan myself, I’ve always been a fan of the old-school of the genre. While I do love the golden age, there is something special about the innovation that the modern scene brings to the table.

With “Simple,” Stephh V managed to strike the perfect combination between these two different directions, creating a song that feels timeless, yet so new, fresh, and unapologetic. The artist’s vocal flow is immediately recognizable, and the personality that fuels this track is hard to deny. This is pure attitude, and Stephh V is a rapper with something to say.

Listen to “Simple,” and do not miss out on more music from Stephh V, one of hip-hop’s most promising names on the rise.