Soulcare – The Long and Winding Road

Soulcare presents: “The Long and Winding Road”

May 2022 – Soulcare is a band from Barcelona, Spain. The line-up has a focus on bringing innovation and authenticity to the audience, while still diving deeper into the sounds of jazz and soul. Recently, the group set out to release a fantastic new studio work titled “The Long and Winding Road.” This fascinating rendition of a classic tune by The Beatles feels smooth and dynamic, yet also melodic and intensely easy to relate to and appealing for people of all walks of life. Instead of creating a verbatim cover song, Soulcare gave to song a unique jazzy vibe, which highlights the natural perks of the composition under a different perspective. One of the things that really stand out about “The Long and Winding Road” is the fact that Soulcare managed to capture a more organic and natural sound. With this cover, the group showcased their ability, not only as performers, but also as arrangers and intuitive purveyors of great music.

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