Soulcare – The Long and Winding Road

Soulcare present their new release, ‘The Long and Winding Road’

Borned and Raised in Barcelona, Soulcare is a fine and delicate Jazz Band with a glimpse of pop and soul. Led by Yann Gaslain, the singer and producer of the band, Soulcare offers original songs and re-invented covers of all time classic songs under the genious and talented music art of Rodrigo Pahlen as the music producer and pianist. As a sign of the time, Soulcare’s music and lyrics fall in perfect harmony and pay a tribute to love and lovers with the desire to take care of our souls.

The long and winding road originally written and produced by The Beatles has been rearranged and played in Live at the Milano Jazz club in Barcelona on november 22th 2022 by Soulcare and this single is the testimony of a great night of jazz in Barcelona. Rodrigo Pahlen at the Piano, Guillermo Calliero at the trumpet and Yann Gaslain as the voice makes the trio who has changed the way we listen to this pop life standard