Shelly Leatherman – We Go Hard (Wild Wild West Remix)

ArtistRack brings to you ‘We Go Hard’ by Shelly Leatherman (Wild Wild West Remix)

Working hard is not taken lightly by this gal! Living a focused life proves rewarding as Shelly Leatherman as she expresses her gratitude for the team that has stuck by her side since the very beginning and a team fueled mindset of building each other up. Having invested the first part of her career working behind the scenes at top-notch recording studios with legendary Bands and Artist alike, Shelly has acquired a versatile range of talents that apply seamlessly to her front woman status today. Channeling all of her mental and spiritual energy into her music has paid off and “We Go Hard” acknowledges how she and her team are now living their existence to its fullest potential, due to their dedication toward their highest callings in life. The music industry can throw a turbulent range of twists and turns your way, which is why it’s important to remain strong and relentless but also grateful for the unexpected blessings along the way that have certainly proven fruitful for Shelly. She goes hard in the music video by flying atop the wings of a WW2 airplane at 140 mph, while doing Aerobatics and dancing in the G-force showing her full commitment to pushing boundaries as a fearless female Music Artist. Be sure to check out her Website at: