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Rebel Kicks – Let It Out

Rebel Kicks proudly release the Official Music Video for new single, 'Let It Out' At its very core, 'Let It Out' is essentially a song...

Daniela MD – PECADO

Chilean singer Daniela MD presents her new single "PECADO" ("SIN") Song available in all digital platforms and the video in youtube FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

Jindi – Dance Floor

Jindi presenting the Official Music Video for his new single, 'Dance Floor' If you're seeking a nice groovy dance hit for this summer, then Jindi...

Happy, Hollow – Flowers

Happy, Hollow presenting the Official Music Video for, 'Flowers' The chances of finding someone to love in this crazy world are about a billion to...

Sami Chohfi – It’s Just Me

Check out the Official Music Video for, 'It’s Just Me' released by Sami Chohfi Is that really Sami Chohfi, singing sweetly over an acoustic guitar?...

Akova – Sister

Akova presenting his new single, 'Sister' Dedicated to my little sister who passed recently FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

Nya – Love You To Death

Check out the visuals for the new single, 'Love You To Death' released by Nya  In the video for “Love You To Death,” it’s plain...

C’Marie – Be Nice

Check out the Official Music Video for the new single, 'Be Nice' released by C’Marie Who is C’Marie? Born in Illinois and raised in California,...

HEЯITAGE – Fashion Slayer

Check out the Official Music Video for, 'Fashion Slayer' by HEЯITAGE  When last we saw Gianluca Gibbons and Hannah Eggen of HEЯITAGE, the pair of...

IV DANTE- #800080 (Purple)

IV DANTE presenting the Official Music Video for their exciting single, '#800080 (Purple)' Listen to #800080 Alternative Pop Rock artist IV DANTE is set to release...



Mac Juice – Babylon

ArtistRack brings to you 'Babylon' by the talented Mac Juice - Good Music that people can relate to worldwide.   PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK...
Beast - New York

Beast – New York

ArtistRack brings to you 'New York' by the talented Beast: Repping NY. More specifically Brooklyn and Bronx which is where I've been half of my...
Stannyun - Yo Number

Stannyun – Yo Number

ArtistRack brings to you 'Yo Number' by Stannyun: Name is Stannyun (stan-ee-yahn) just a young Independent black Young man chasing my dreams to become well...

Ray Dollaz – Automatic

ArtistRack brings to you 'Automatic' by the talented Ray Dollaz: South Carolina Unsigned Music Artist Ray Dollaz - Automatic Produced by Baby Breeze Productions Video by Goode Lenz Email:...

The Lark and the Loon – Change Our Tune

Animated music video for the song "Change our Tune" by The Lark and the Loon.   FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE    
MAZ - Go Ghost (feat. Double U)

MAZ – Go Ghost (feat. Double U)

ArtistRack brings to you - MAZ - Go Ghost (feat. Double U) A summer jam! Filled with great vocals by Double U. FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM
Blow_flyy - BLOOD N HONEYvideo

Blow_flyy – BLOOD N HONEY

This is an EXCLUSIVE! New song Visual for 2019 "Blood N Honey"  | 1 of 6 New songs Written & Performed by Canadian artist...
Yungtanko - Brand New

Yungtanko – Brand New

ArtistRack brings to you “Brand New” by the talented Yungtanko https://open.spotify.com/track/4S90Vm7TiaJrcQUZ7NjdZM?si=Shd_UOEmQZqFMthUTVjm7w FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM |

Hiddenhills (Interview)

Hiddenhills is an 21-year-old artist and songwriter from Seattle, Wa that is growing at a rapid rate. Having developed many relationships in the underground...

Hiddenhills – Pretty Girls Die Too (feat.Dazeoneast)

Up and coming artist Hiddenhills drops his highly anticipated track featuring the talented artist Dazeoneast. A drunk, in a daze emotionally channeled song reaches...
Jeremie Albino - Hard Timevideo

Jeremie Albino – Hard Time

ArtistRack brings to you the visuals for 'Hard Time' by the talented Jeremie Albino: Today we’re introducing you to a natural: a sweet-singing, smooth-playing, deeply...
Lila Drew - Take It Backvideo

Lila Drew – Take It Back

ArtistRack brings to you the visuals for 'Take It Back' by the talented Lila Drew: Some songs whisper straight through the speakers, directly to you....

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