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Imelda Gabs – Fallen Angel

Imelda Gabs releases the Official Video for her new single, 'Fallen Angel' Imelda Gabs explores the limits of Pop music. With her Jazz and Soul...

Sungwryter – 2 Sides of a Coin

Sungwryter proudly presents the Official Music Video for her new song: 2 Sides of a Coin My name is Sungwryter. I’m a songwriter and singer....


MYKA has entered with an electrifying video for his single "CLIFFHANGERS". He has completely reinvented himself into something he describes as a long time...

LUCKY! – Faded!

LUCKY! introducing brand new studio single, Faded! March 2020 - LUCKY! is an artist, rapper and singer based in New York City. He recently released...

EyeKonik – Mind Blown

Check out the visuals for the new single, 'Mind Blown' by EyeKonik EyeKonik is an artist with a focus on creating punchy and appealing pop...

Cantrel – Without Love

Cantrel presenting the Official Music Video for, 'Without Love' Artist: Cantrel Song: Without Love Composer: Neil Breytenbach Producer: Neil Breytenbach Copyright: Cantrelmusic / Neil Breytenbach PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK |...

Nichelle Colvin – Monster Remix

Nichelle Colvin presenting the visuals for her Halloween hit, 'Monster Remix' The Monster Remix is a tale for all the kids at Halloween. Don't be...

Terrell Baker – Let It Give You Strength

Check out Terrell Baker's “Let It Give You Strength” live performance video. Song written, produced and arranged by Terrell Baker aka Duane Terrell Baker. Terrell Baker...

Hooked Like Helen – Liar

Check out the Official Music Video for, 'Liar' released by Hooked Like Helen It's impossible to overestimate the sheer physical excitement of performing in a...

Lovers & Poets – Sugar High

Lovers & Poets proudly presents the Official Music Video for, 'Sugar High' Plenty of LA's best electronica and chill pop outfits are transplants, but how...


The Nomadic - Skaterpark

The Nomadic – Skaterpark

The Nomadic return with the release of new single, 'Skaterpark' The new single“Skaterpark” is a track that Rob is particularly excited about as it is...
Tayla Rees - Win Your Heart

Tayla Rees – Win Your Heart

Tayla Rees presents her new single release, 'Win Your Heart' Tayla Rees born 7/27/00 is a Singer/Songwriter/Actress/Model/dancer & has been performing since the age of...
PuertoRicanism & Abi Cruz - Make You Leak

PuertoRicanism & Abi Cruz – Make You Leak

PuertoRicanism & Abi Cruz introducing: Make You Leak. May 2021 - PuertoRicanism joined forces with Abi Cruz to release a fantastic new project: Make You...
Goofy A.K.A Sklusive - Get Like Me (ft. Qui$-III & Vintage Daz)

Goofy A.K.A Sklusive – Get Like Me (ft. Qui$-III & Vintage Daz)

Goofy A.K.A Sklusive ft. Qui$-III & Vintage Daz introducing a brand new studio release: Get Like Me. May 2021 - Goofy A.K.A Sklusive recently teamed...
33soteric - The New World's Internet 801 Orchestra

33soteric – The New World’s Internet 801 Orchestra

"The New World's Internet 801 Orchestra" is the debut LP from 33soteric. Available on all streaming services, It features the singles "God With a...
KZM!? - Balance Freestyle

KZM!? – Balance Freestyle

KZM is a North American HipHop/Rap Artiste releasing his official first song, Balance Freestyle. He makes music because he has found peace with sound,...
J Moki Cho x Rafi - My Baby

J Moki Cho x Rafi – My Baby

J Moki Cho and Rafi collaborate on 'My Baby.' A new track about a former player who has traded in his no-strings attached lifestyle...
5 STAR GENERAL - What Made Me

5 STAR GENERAL – What Made Me

5 STAR GENERAL presents his single, 'What Made Me' 5 STAR GENERAL is a independent artist that hails from Detroit, Michigan. What Made Me is...
Rick da Vibe - Moon

Rick da Vibe – Moon

Rick da Vibe dropping his new single, 'Moon' This soul trap records features hip hop heavy weight Jack boy . Moon is a groovy tune...
Yvalain - When You Believe in Love

Yvalain – When You Believe in Love

"When You Believe in Love" an original by Yvalain with Ted Poulsen (USA) on vocals, Juha Hintikka (Finland) on recorder and Yvalain (France) on...
Shimmer Johnson - Glass

Shimmer Johnson – Glass

Shimmer Johnson releases her new single, 'Glass' Song Written By : Shimmer Johnson, Corey Johnson, Burnie Stevenson @2021 Catalyst Records https://open.spotify.com/track/1XRBxA5p7W87euckcD50tw?si=754380692a95422c PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK |...
LENNE - Letting You Down

LENNE – Letting You Down

LENNE present their new single, 'Letting You Down' Back in the early 2000's, Leonard Cerzosie Jr. started a band with his brother called The Infinite...

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